Dr. Phil Delivers a Blistering Take on Biden-Harris Border Policies After Eye-Opening Visit

In December 2023, we had the highest number of illegal aliens in history. Joe Biden is the man who has brought us to this point.

Three years ago, he left the border in chaos.

According to Bill Melugin, Fox’s chief economist, Texas has proven that enforcing the law and securing the border works.

Melugin said that because Texas is taking measures to defend itself, including the threat of arresting people who cross the border illegally, and Mexico has taken people off the trains heading for the border, fewer people are entering the Del Rio area of Texas. This number has decreased from 3-4000 per day in December to 200 per day.

Illegal aliens now try to enter the country from Arizona and California, where they will not face the same defense as they would in Texas. This is what you get from a good defense and deterrence.

It is important to bring attention to this problem. Biden and Kamala haven’t yet been publicly held accountable for anything. Elon Musk has been tweeting about border issues regularly, spreading the issue to a wider audience and increasing pressure for change.

After Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called it an invasion.

Dr. Phil visited Eagle Pass on Friday and was given a tour by the Texas DPS helicopter. He then did a spot near the border fence where he attacked Joe Biden for his failure to secure the border.

Dr. Phil described Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s position. He talked about Abbott’s claim that the federal government broke the pact with the states it made to protect them. Abbott claimed that Biden had not only refused to enforce laws but also broken them. He claimed that the result of the humanitarian crisis was unprecedented, wasting taxpayer dollars and “tearing open Texas border security infrastructure.” McGraw cited DHS as saying that more than 6,000,000 illegal aliens have entered the country since Biden took office. The number is much higher.

Now, Dr. Phil is spending more time in Mexico than Kamala, who, during her only hit-and-run visit to California, never reached the border. If Dr. Phil says it, then you already know how bad the situation must be.

This is not going to bode well for Biden or Harris during the election