Tesla Joins Elon Musk’s Crusade Against ‘Woke’ Culture

Elon Musk spent the last few years decrying the “woke” far-left ideology. However, his companies have only recently caught up.

Tesla’s latest 10-K filed last week removed the following sentence: “With a workforce that is largely minorities, it is essential to our success to empower our employee resource groups in driving initiatives to attract, develop, and retain our passionate employees.”

Business Insider reported that the company filed a 2022 application stating its intention to “attract an exceptional pool of candidates” through promoting Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

We also believe our ability to retain our employees is dependent on the ability to foster a workplace that is sustainable safe, respectful, inclusive, and fair for everyone. This environment promotes diversity, equality, and inclusion both inside and outside our business.

The same filing also noted its outreach to DEI-focused organizations and sponsorship of employee groups, including Black at Tesla and Intersectionality. It also mentioned Latinos at Tesla and LGBTQ at Tesla.

The company said at the time that:

We use these networks to gain actionable feedback and as a key source of business information. We also work on diversity efforts within our supply chain, to increase our outreach to large- and small-scale suppliers who are from underrepresented communities and to reinforce this culture among our employees.

Musk, Musk’s CEO, has recently criticized DEI for being a form of racism.

He wrote to the X Platform last month that “DEI is simply another word for racism.” “Anyone who uses this term should be ashamed.”

Musk said in a second post that “DEI MUST DIE.” The point was to stop discrimination and not replace it with another form of discrimination.

He continued, “‘Diversity’, ‘Equity’ and ‘Inclusion’ are just propaganda words for racism and sexism, and other ‘isms’.” This is as wrong as racism or sexism. It’s not right to change the target group!

Tesla’s most recent filing makes it clear, however, that the company only hires on merit, and does not tolerate discrimination.

Our policies promote fairness and mutual respect. Our policies are designed to promote fairness and respect for all. We evaluate, hire, and promote staff based on skills and performance. We expect everyone to be honest, perform well, and work with others. We will not tolerate certain behaviors.

They include harassment, retaliation violence, intimidation, and any form of discrimination based on race, color religion, nationality, gender, sexuality, gender identity, or gender expression.

Every year, publicly traded companies release 10-K filings to give detailed information to the Securities and Exchange Commission and the public about their financial performance. Tesla is in a very good financial position, as the company generated $96.77 billion last year.