Gov. Evers Delayed Response To Riots Costs Him His City

Democratic governors have gone as far as they can in refusing federal assistance responding to the rioters who are burning down modestly sized cities and attacking local residents, their homes, and businesses. It took Wisconsin Governor, Tony Evers, two days to proclaim a “State of Emergency” after three people were shot and two killed during ongoing rioting in the streets of Wisconsin. 

A man was recording on Facebook Live during riots protesting over the shooting of Jacob Blake when he heard gunshots in the distance. The man firing the weapon can be seen running towards police vehicles with his hands in the air. Two people were killed and three were shot as riots entered their third consecutive night. 

The Governor clung to the notion that these Black Lives Matter protests are “mostly peaceful” and plugged a legislative session to pass bills on equity and justice. It’s the same open-ended social justice ideas every left-leaning politician seems to be quoting from these days. No solutions or policies at play, only emotion-invoking trigger words. 

Despite the declaration, rioters continued their violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Some were walking around carrying guns, others heard multiple shots in the distance, and there was one strong tire fire at a car lot across the street from a now burned down furniture store.

The Executive Order 86 declared that some individuals deviated from the “peaceful protests” and engaged in dangerous activities, including arson, which endangered the lives of protesters and bystanders. 

“Governor should call in the National Guard in Wisconsin. It is ready, willing, and more than able. End problem FAST!” President Trump tweeted. 

Local law enforcement in Wisconsin told the White House they need at least 750 National Guard. Though the order claims that these activities will not be tolerated, Gov. Evers has declined to call up enough law enforcement to match the number of rioters continuing to burn down Wisconsin towns and is only sending 250. 

The videos surfacing on social media from Kenosha have included rioting, looting, violence, burning public/private property, and attacking police officers. Around 500 protesters marched through the downtown area setting dumpsters on fire, smashing windows, and looting multiple businesses. They threw rocks, bottles, and other projectiles at police. 

This isn’t the first time Evers was slow to call in the National Guard. During the riots in late June, protesters ripped down iconic Capitol statues, attacked a state senator, and firebombed the City-County Building. 

Democratic politicians will just keep doing what they do. Claiming this is all “peaceful” for some political points while hiding in their big homes with police protection. Citizens have been begging Evers to take action to stop the rioting and lawlessness. 

“The city is burning. Residents are heartbroken, terrified for their lives and livelihoods and city. They are literally begging and crying for help,” wrote a Kenosha County resident. 

Let’s hope the Governor will see the injustice in the destruction of businesses and neighborhoods in the name of “social justice.” People argue that it’s “just property” as they torch businesses established by working people and immigrants. The left has allowed criminals to destroy innocent American lives and livelihoods. 

Any radical liberal supporting arson in the name of justice can start by burning their own home if they really want to prove a point.