CNN Just Slipped The Truth During This Live Segment

CNN has been no stranger to fake news, but the wordage in one of their most recent reports puts their shamelessness on the air at an all-time high. 

During a recent segment about the ongoing riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Wolf Blitzer was asking a reporter what was happening. The generated caption below the reporter read “8 PM curfew ordered after violent protests over the police shooting of an unarmed black man in Wisconsin.” The display was on screen for about 15 seconds before it briefly disappeared. When the caption appeared again, this time the word “violent” was gone. 

They changed the media narrative right before your very eyes. They realized that if the Kenosha riots were labeled “violent” then they could not accurately appease their hard-left viewers who would get offended by that specific wordage. They would also lose the opportunity to fool a mass audience into believing that the rioters were the victims in this case.

Whoever is actually following the riots in Kenosha right now knows that they are anything but “peaceful.” All of this occurred after the officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake, a man wanted on multiple warrants and failing to comply with arrests after a domestic disturbance call. Areas around the city have fallen victim to looting, rioting, and burning of small businesses. Reporters have even caught their own assaults on camera, such as one reporter, Elijah Schaffer, interviewing a BLM rioter when he got a gun pointed at his face. 

CNN is doing everything they can to hide the reality of what is actually happening to the public. If these protests are so peaceful, then why start burning things a few hours later? How does that qualify as peaceful? 

We don’t necessarily know at this point who CNN is trying to fool, but there are countless images and videos across the internet right now showing what’s really happening in Kenosha, Wisconsin…and it’s not peaceful. CNN has eliminated so much of their audience to please the radical left that they don’t see how absurd their segments have truly become. 

This is media bias at its worst. I’m surprised they had a momentary lapse of truth-telling with their headline in the first place labeling it for what it really is – violent. It’s a shame how hypocritical the left-leaning news networks have become to push their political narratives even if it means wiping away the truth entirely. You can only imagine the chaos in the production room that day. 

If we’ve learned anything in the last few months, it is that the mainstream media is not a friend to the citizens. Thankfully, nothing gets past the internet these days. The fakest of fake news strikes again.