Pelosi Suggests No Debates This Election Year

The Dems have made it pretty clear that they don’t want their presidential candidate, Joe Biden, to get on stage and have it out with President Trump this election season. 

We’ve been seeing a media circus from the left in efforts to stop Joe Biden from debating our President and having to stand on stage for two hours, unscripted and appearing lucid. From threats of the coronavirus to “different” ways we should be testing for presidential leadership, liberals have been fighting against debates for the last few months.

It can be translated quite clearly. The Democrats are scared that Joe’s mind will melt into a puddle of goo on stage and it will change the direction of the election. Pretty accurate, if you ask me.

Biden has been so incapable of anything but hibernating in his basement that he’s sending Kamala Harris, his VP pick, to deliver the rebuttal to Trump’s speech at the RNC. The left can’t even depend on their own candidate for President to respond to the person he’s running against. 

So, why is the Democrat vice presidential nominee delivering it instead of the party’s presidential nominee? Everyone is pretty much scared at this point that Biden’s speech wouldn’t be as effective. Harris is the sharper tool to bash Trump for every word he says and mischaracterize every action he’s taken over the last four years. We can’t even count on Biden not to drool on himself. 

Because the Dems can’t count on Biden, they drown their speeches full of code words and phrases designed as scare tactics about sexism and racism. It’s the only thing they’ve got going for them. 

House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, even gave some sneaky advice to Joe Biden this week. “I don’t think that there should be any debates…I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with [the president],” Pelosi said. If Biden can’t stand up to Trump, he can’t stand up to anyone. 

The left’s panicked attempt to avoid having a debate for the first time in over a century is telling. It shows that Biden simply can’t handle it, but that’s not how elections work. One side doesn’t get to decide if the other is illegitimate. They have to earn votes and let the people decide who is more mentally capable. 

If anything, the Dems should just start trying to lower their expectations. If he takes enough pills and remembers his talking points, maybe he’ll make it out alive. It wouldn’t surprise me if they bring back the coronavirus excuse to do one debate instead of three or completely rig the game and pull Biden out entirely. 

Public opinion is shifting back in Trump’s favor and now, more than ever, Biden needs to show himself to be a leader. While the Trump Administration is articulating a law and order message that people are demanding right now, Biden is still jumping through radical left hula hoops. 

The Democratic Party’s message seems to be pretty clear: Hide Biden in the basement and let the cities burn.