Gavin Newsom Prepares for Presidential Campaign While Partner Jennifer Newsom Continues Family Grift

California Governor Gavin Newsom attempted to make political money off the shootings at the Monterey Park dance hall during Lunar New Year festivities and at Half Moon Bay, Northern California’s mushroom harvesting facility. Newsom took a photo with the man who disarmed the Monterey Park attacker and did a walkabout alongside CBS’ Norah O’Donnell. She bragged about gun violence while being accompanied by his armed security team. He is now ranting about Republicans and Fox News being evil and why gun reform has not been implemented.

On Monday, however, it was yet another day in paradise in Oakland. In yet another incident of gun violence, one person was killed and seven others were hurt. Was the Governor’s commentary on this incident?

Bupkis. It would be hard to believe that Newsom could see the room and realize that the “epidemic”, in which Newsom has the most stringent gun laws in the country, but also the highest levels of crime and gun violence, says more about his governance and the state of men’s minds than the Second Amendment.

Newsom may be making a public appearance to promote his presidential presence. However, we should all also be paying attention to what he does behind closed doors. Here is the place where massive corruption takes place.

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, the first partner, has The Representation Project non-profit that makes a lot of money because it empowers women and girls. Another organization she has is The California Partners Project. It also focuses on developing women leaders. Newsom used behested payments (like California’s gun control laws) to finance this non-profit.

California’s “behested payment” law has been used by the governor to request “charitable” contributions for the “California Partners Project”, which was founded by his wife. The project has raised $1,671,680 over the past three years at Gov. Newsom’s “behest.”

California has strict regulations regarding campaign contributions and gifts, but “behested payment” is a different category. The ability to ask for donations from individuals or entities of any size is up to the elected officials. There are no restrictions on how much can be given or requested. If payments exceed $5,000 in a calendar year from one source, state law requires that public reporting be done.

Open the Books has launched an investigation into The Representation Project’s funneling of educational videos into the California middle school curriculum. This could be a conflict of interest, as the largest contributors to Governor Newsom are the California Teachers’ Unions. Max Bonilla, a young conservative activist, took to TikTok to call it “money laundering”. The “charity” also failed state filing requirements.

Open the Books wrote about this on their Substack:

Our investigation revealed that The Representation Project wasn’t in compliance with California Charitable Solicitation Act. It is now clear that The Representation Project spent last year engaging in large-money fundraising events with corporate executives as well as philanthropists, while its charitable filings with the state were not up to par.

The Newsom nonprofit then scrambled for their registration. The process normally takes days or weeks to complete was expedited by working with the California Attorney General.

This would be AG Rob Bonta. His office accidentally released records of concealed-carry holders in the state and is still “investigating.”

But, the wife of the governor needs to have the paperwork completed? Your taxpayer dollars are at work.

These gender justice movies, produced by Siebel Newsom, come at a high price.

Through her non-profit The Representation Project she has produced four films that advocate gender justice. These films can be rented for screenings to individuals or corporations and also come with lesson plans. These movies are screened for children by schools for between $49 and $599.

Each film features Jennifer Siebel Newsom as the director and writer. Gavin Newsom is featured in two movies. Many lesson plans are designed to encourage children to engage in political and social activism. auditors felt that the organization was worthy of further examination due to Gavin Newsom’s involvement in these films, and the fact that licenses are sold directly to schools that the governor is responsible for funding with tax dollars.

Who’s Watching? There are 2.6 million students in 5,000 schools

The Representation Project’s 2011-2021 Impact Report shows that the organization’s film curriculum is being used in more than 5,000 schools across all 50 states. According to The Representation Project, more than 11,200 copies have been distributed and reached more than 2.6 Million students.

You now know why California education is at the bottom of this barrel. Gender justice and Satanic clubs are the top three priorities. What about actual reading, writing, or arithmetic not so much.