Former PJTV Filmmaker Investigated by FBI as Domestic Terrorist for J6 Documentary

He said they received a call from the terrorist threat center that I was terrorist. They had ordered me to be investigated by DC because I had made the film Capitol Punishment.

Chris Burgard, a renowned filmmaker and former PJTV contributor, released a documentary in November 2021 that showed what he saw at the rally at Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021. To show a different perspective, he used footage that he had taken outside the Capitol building and cell video from those who entered the Capitol. The Department of Justice under Attorney general Merrick Garland seems to have ignored this perspective. The film featured a number of interviews with people who were involved and then found themselves subject to pre-dawn raids from the FBI.

The FBI arrived at Burgard’s ranch, Texas, to question him, despite the fact that he has never been inside the Capitol building. Burgard and his family were shaken after the FBI filmed extensive interviews with victims of their witch hunt. Chris and Lisa, his wife, described the process in an interview for PJ Media.

August 4th, an FBI agent drove up Burgard’s Texas ranch quarter-mile driveway and left his card at the door. Lisa stated that she found the whole process extremely disturbing. “I was not given a note, so I was unsure if it was for Chris, me or the entire family. Did we have to call them back? It was a warning, though I didn’t really know what to do with it. It was something I have never seen before.

Chris claims that the entire family was shaken. “We had to hold a family meeting after the movie because my daughter knew those girls who had their houses raided and were pulled out onto the streets. One of the girls was taken away and handcuffed. They were also flash-banged. My daughter was like, “Dad! Do you think they’ll raid our home tomorrow?” Do I need to keep them in my bedroom? Because I don’t want my dogs to shoot me. I cannot tell you how stressful this has caused my family.

Chris documented the experiences of several families who were subject to pre-dawn raids from the FBI for their involvement in the attack on the Capitol. The film features footage from neighbors’ cell phones. The FBI then shuts down the street and makes forcible entry to the home of the subject. Flash-bang grenades are used to disorient and distract the residents.

It is easy to understand why people are nervous when the FBI knocks on their doors over a documentary.

Chris shared with his family that Chris’s daughter had moved him to tears during their family meeting. My 18-year old daughter said, “Dad, it’s impossible to stop. People need to understand that even if they do stop, they will still come after you. That is why we decided to keep moving forward.

Chris immediately contacted an attorney to assist him in responding to the inquiry. According to the FBI field agent who was assigned to his case, he required answers to three questions. Chris requested that he could submit written answers to his case instead of having to sit down for an interview. His attorney agreed. Although the three questions were split into nine subquestions, Chris’ written statement has been accepted by the FBI.

However, he has not indicated that the inquiry has been closed.

Both Chris and Brian Chavez Ochoa, his attorney, praised the FBI agent’s professionalism and politeness. Both Chris and his attorney, Brian Chavez Ochoa, praised the FBI agent for handling the J6 investigation professionally and courteously. Chavez Ochoa said, “I believe your on-the street agents are dedicated and loyal to the oath that they took when they were appointed.”

He also wanted to dispel a popular myth about J6, that J6 was rioters heard Trump calling them to enter the Capitol to stop the certifications of the electoral colleges vote.

Burgard and his lawyer were not the only ones to see the movie. They also got the impression that some FBI agents might not fully understand the scope of the J6 Inquisition. Chris met Pete Santilli (a blogger and podcaster who hails from Ohio) at a revival meeting. He was so upset by Capitol Punishment that he called the FBI Cincinnati field office and demanded that as many agents as possible view it.

After a while, he decided that he would hold a prayer service outside the field office. He also plans to rent an outdoor projection screen to show the entire movie to any FBI agent. This event is scheduled for Thursday, October 20.

The stress of not knowing the future continues to plague the Burgards. Lisa stated that it was frightening. We are law-abiding citizens, and we would cooperate. It was with so many people in our film that they took it to the extreme. It’s impossible to predict who will be next. It’s still very troubling and I’m not sure how to feel about it. It’s my hope that this will be resolved quickly and doesn’t escalate.