Biden Team Doing All It Can to Buy Election with Latest Move

Gas prices are rising again, while the Biden team continues to tell us absurd stories about how much gas they’re saving. Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, claimed Tuesday that they are saving $420 million per day.

They’re just creating numbers and pulling them from the air at this point. This is a very galling claim, considering we still pay far more for gas than when Joe Biden arrived. They believe we have only 15 seconds of memories, but don’t remember.

If that were true, then why is Joe Biden still taking advantage of our Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

Biden will announce on Wednesday that he will swipe more from Reserve, up to 15,000,000 barrels. This would extend the December releases. Amos Hochstein, Biden’s adviser, suggested that they may continue to do more as necessary.

It’s absurd and it’s compromising security. The Reserve has fallen to its lowest level in 40 years.

After driving down the value of their money, they claim that they will replenish it with more money.

It is all about vote buying. They tried to stop the effects of high gas prices on the election by trying to convince Saudi Arabia to hold off on cutting its OPEC+ production so that it would not have any effect on the election.

The Biden team has already shown that they are not ashamed and will do whatever it takes to support the Democrats in the midterms. It is all about holding on to their power, no matter what the consequences for Americans or the country.