Fetterman Releases New Medical Record, but There’s a Big Problem

John Fetterman’s cognitive problems after his massive stroke are a major issue in the race for Pennsylvania’s open US Senate seat. Mehmet Oz has been pushing the Democrat to be more open about his condition, including releasing actual medical documents.

This was in response to Fetterman’s many instances of struggling to understand what he is hearing and what he is saying. After months of avoiding the issue, Fetterman released a letter from his primary physician, instead of giving voters actual information. It has some serious problems, to put it mildly.

First, it is not a medical record, contrary to what the press corps claims.

Primary care doctors do not have the experience to diagnose and treat cognitive decline caused by stroke. Fetterman has refused to disclose any information about his condition. He is now trying to shame the public by claiming that he is great from a doctor who doesn’t have the expertise to do that.

But it gets even better. Would you believe that this doctor is a major donor to Fetterman’s campaign? According to The Washington Free Beacon, that’s exactly who he is.

Fetterman’s campaign sent a letter to Dr. Clifford Chen, stating that Fetterman had “significantly improved” after his stroke and could do “full duty in public office”. The release came in response to media inquiries about the health records of the Pennsylvania Democrat.

Chen’s political leanings may raise questions about Fetterman’s medical evaluation. Fetterman’s race against Republican Mehmet O could decide which party controls the Senate. Campaign finance records show that Chen has donated tens of thousands to Democratic candidates over the years and to party committees. Before becoming Fetterman’s doctor, Chen contributed $1,330 to Fetterman’s campaign. He also made a $500 donation in June 2021. Chen donated to Sen. Raphael Warnock (D. Ga.) and Rep. Val Demings, both from Florida.

Joe Calvello, Fetterman campaign spokesperson, stated to the Washington Free Beacon that “This isn’t about politics.” “It’s an independent medical report that John’s primary doctor has written based on last week’s office visit.

Fetterman has received $1,330 from the doctor concerned over the past two years. He’s also donated to out-of-state Democrats such as Val Demmings or Raphael Warnock. That’s interesting, isn’t it? It almost seems like the doctor might have a vested motive in indicating Fetterman is ready for duty, even though he isn’t.

It’s really the claim of the doctor that gives away the game.

“He spoke intelligently and without cognitive deficits. He spoke normally and continued to have symptoms of auditory processing disorder, which can be interpreted as hearing difficulties. His communication skills are significantly improved.”

Anyone who has seen Fetterman in public for the past few months knows this is a complete lie. It’s one thing for Fetterman to claim that he has auditory processing problems that prevent him from speaking properly. This is an entirely different level. It’s a completely different level of gaslighting for him to claim that he can speak intelligently “without cognitive deficiencies.” Is it possible to believe that this leftwing doctor saw a different Fetterman from what we’ve all seen?

Oz’s campaign was the perfect solution to this absurdity.

That’s correct. Fetterman could be just as intelligent and has no cognitive problems if that is the case. He would then have zero excuses not to participate in the full 90-minute debate as planned. He cannot have it both ways. He should campaign as if he is fine. He should be open with voters if he isn’t.

However, he won’t. Fetterman will instead continue to follow this line because the press supports him. Without mountains of ridicule, no Republican could have released that letter. This only raises more questions about the health of the Democrat, and it is best to not vote for him until all these are answered.