Fetterman Drops Bombshell Resolution to Bar Menendez From Classified Briefings

John Fetterman, a senator from Pennsylvania, continues his crusade to bring down Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey. Menendez is currently under federal indictment on charges relating to bribery as well as violations of the Foreign Agent Registration Act. He has recently introduced a measure that would prevent Menendez from accessing classified information or briefings.

Menendez is facing charges of working on behalf of the Egyptian government, without registering himself as an agent.

Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) introduced a Resolution on Thursday that would strip Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey his committee assignments, and restrict his access to classified briefings and information.

The resolution targets specifically senators who have been indicted on charges affecting national safety. It would prohibit them from serving as members of congressional committees, from receiving classified information, from submitting requests for spending bills, or from using official funds to travel abroad.

Although the resolution did not mention Menendez by name, Fetterman seemed to be aiming at the New Jersey Democrat who was accused of taking bribes and conspiring to become a foreign agent.

Fetterman said in a statement that “when gold bars are found stuffed inside a mattress, jokes just write themselves.” Our national security isn’t funny. It’s often life and death.

The resolution was proposed a day after Menendez had attended a classified briefing about Ukraine by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The Senator responded that he had his security credentials and an accusation was just that. It is not proof.

Menendez, as expected, has publicly criticized the proposed measure. He called it a “publicity stunt” and argued that its resolution ignores due process, presumption of innocence, and rule of law. Menendez stated that instead of focusing his efforts on clickbait, Menendez should focus them on legislating and delivering tangible results to the people of Pennsylvania.

New Jersey legislator has denied all charges and pleaded guilty.

Fetterman was the first senator last month to demand Menendez resign in light of bribery allegations against him. Fetterman even suggested that the Senate vote to expel Menendez. Other Democrats in the upper chamber criticized Menendez but did not call for him to resign. They argued that they should have waited until the trial was over before doing so.

After executing a warrant for a search, federal investigators found that nearly half a mil in cash and bars of gold were given to him allegedly by three other businessmen, who are also indicted.

Recently, Menendez was accused of trying to appoint an ally to the position of U.S. Attorney to assist one of his friends facing a different charge.

A long-time friend and political supporter was being prosecuted by the federal government. Menendez, as New Jersey’s senior Senator, was in a good position to assist by recommending the new leader of the office that oversees the case.

Menendez, in early 2021 urged Joe Biden, to nominate Esther Suarez as the next U.S. Attorney for his state. Esther Suarez was a prosecutor with political connections from his own county. It didn’t go according to plan.

Menendez not only refused to resign, but he also said he would run for reelection.