Virginia Democrat Shocks Public with Public Urination Video

Virginia, you have a problem.

We previously reported, Susanna, the wannabe pornstar Democrat who is running for a House of Delegates seat, and her husband from Richmond earned some extra money performing sex on the adult website Chaturbate. Gibson, instead of feeling any shame for her actions at all, tried to portray herself as a victim of the old Republicans. Gibson was praised for her performance by the bigwigs of the state party.

The Democrat Party of Virginia will be in the same position as it is now, in 2023.

Jessica Anderson is a Democrat running for the House of Delegates in Williamsburg. She thought the best way for her to promote her campaign was to make a pee video and post it online.

No, really.

Anderson, instead of going to the public toilets at Freedom Park, Williamsburg while running, simply left the trail and “dropped the trou,” as we used to say. She did not care if anyone saw her, even children. She recorded the whole thing and narrated it.

Turn up the volume to enjoy it at its best.

The transcript is below:

“Yeah, I’m peeing.” “Avoid yellow snow.”

This is pure class.

But, wait, there’s more. Anderson posted another video in which she appears to be a gyrating eggplant on what appears to be her deck. This is a “serious” candidate, right?

What is wrong with white women Democrats in Virginia?

Glenn Youngkin broke them like Donald Trump did to Hillary Clinton and the entire Democrat Party. Are they narcissistic buffoons who think that being shallow is the only way for them to get a place in liberal politics? They are narcissistic, attention-seekers who cannot function in polite social circles. Have they any respect for themselves?

Answers: Yes. Yes. Yes. No.

Anderson’s public urination was not illegal, and she went out of her way to justify it. But filming and posting the video to TikTok demonstrates a lack of maturity that is typical of today’s Democrat Party. Women in particular seem to enjoy degrading themselves with little or zero consequences (certainly, not from party leaders whose silence appears to indicate that they approve of mindless stunts-based campaigns).

On November 7, Virginians will find out whether the pee tape helps or hurts Anderson’s campaign.