High School Students Protest Transgender Bathroom Policy

Students from a Loudoun County Public Schools high school walked out to protest the district’s policy on gender that allows transgender, non-binary, and gender-fluid students to choose which school bathroom and locker room they prefer based on gender.

ABC WJLA reported that between 50 and 100 students from Woodgrove High School took part in the walkout in protest of Policy 8040. This was implemented by the Loudoun County School Board in 2021. Students at Woodgrove High School said that they wanted LCPS to revert to a policy that provided male and female-only bathrooms, lockers, and showers.

One male student at WJLA said, “In the morning locker rooms it’s an invasion because natural-born women can come in and out as they wish when natural-born men are in there and showering.” It is against our beliefs to allow this.

The policy caused a female student to stop using the restroom at school. She called it a “massive risk of safety” and said that LCPS “does nothing about it.”

She said, “We voice these concerns but they ignore us. They write us off as right-wing crazies.” “We are not insane. We don’t like to be at risk every day in this building. I think people are finally standing up because they’re sick of being ignored. We’re tired of being ignored and being here. I stopped going to the bathroom because I didn’t want to be there and I was afraid of what might happen. People can say, “Oh, that’s just paranoia.”

She added, “I can tell you that half of the women in the building share the same feelings.” “We don’t go to the bathroom.” We wait until we are unable to pee. “I mean, some girls still change in the bathroom stalls because they are afraid that someone might walk in.”

WJLA was told by a male student that he wanted to be able to change clothes after football practice without feeling uncomfortable about “other genders watching” him.

I feel that girls also feel the same about the situation. What would you think if you were changing a woman with a man? He asked.

The outlet reported that some counter-protesters waved pride flags to support the bathroom policy.

One of them told WJLA, “I am here to support all the children.” “No matter what they are.” “Yours, mine, and all of them.”

A student suggested that the entire school should walk out. Another said, “There are many people who are afraid to speak out because they do not want to face the backlash.”

LCPS has not responded to our request for comment.