Doocy Grills Sullivan: Biden’s Reaction to Bad Polls Revealed, Answer Backfires

A new report claims that Joe Biden has become angry over the changes he made to his reelection campaign and how poorly he is doing in comparison to former president Donald Trump. A lawmaker who attended the meeting said that Biden was “seething” when he learned that his poll numbers in Michigan and Georgia had fallen due to his handling of Israel-Hamas. He began to “swear and shout” after learning this.

Fox’s Peter Doocy questioned National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan about the report.

“When he says that, does he scream and swear about Netanyahu, about Hamas, or his poll results?” Doocy replied.

Sullivan’s answer made the situation worse. “This is a ‘when did you stop hitting your spouse’ type of question. I don’t believe he did this.”

Jake, you’re not wrong, but your respnse is interesting. Do you have anything else to add? What an odd analogy.

Doocy asked him, “Excuse Me?”

Sullivan replied, “Well you used that as a premise for your question which was ‘when he did that’ he… I have never seen him shout, swear, or do anything like that in response. So, from my point of view, this particular report is incorrect.”

We’ve seen Biden lose it and shout. We’ve seen him get angry and call Peter Doocy a “son-of-a-bitch.”

He even swore and shouted at a voter just three years ago. He’s also wrong about everything he says regarding guns. He sticks his finger into the man’s face and threatens to drag him outside.

This worker was a true hero for standing up against Biden’s meltdown. It’s easy to believe and it seems like Sullivan wants to make us forget about this.

If I have to choose between believing what we see and hear about Joe Biden and what Sullivan wants me to believe, then I will believe my own experience.

If we used the same standards as the liberal/left media for Donald Trump’s comment about a “bloodbath”, we would be asking now if Biden beat his wife, just like Gov. Mike Huckabee made the observation.