FDNY Chief: Letitia James Booing Incident Was A Misunderstanding

After promising to “hunt” down firefighters who booed New York Attorney General Letitia Jams at an award ceremony on March 8th, FDNY management now says it was a huge mistake and that there was no investigation.

Letitia James’s cameo at an FDNY award ceremony started the uproar. The boos soon transformed into a chant “Trump!” Trump! Trump!”

The politically charged FDNY HQ was not amused. The next day, after the ceremony was over, the FDNY headquarters instructed battalion leaders to visit all firehouses with firefighters present and gave them a list of hectoring talk points that they could use in meetings. It concludes with:

They should know that BITS (Bureau of Investigation and Trials) is collecting videos and identifying those who bring discredit to the Department.

We want our members to speak up. They will be brought to the HQ for an explanation of why their behavior is unacceptable.

John Hodgens is the Chief of the Department and commands all firefighters and emergency medical personnel. He sent an email that was very direct to his subordinates.


Here are the talking points. Please ask the DCs to start their visits on the 9X tomorrow and then continue with the 6X. Please continue the visits on Sunday, if needed. I realize this is late notice.

BITS is looking into this to find out who these members are. I encourage them to come forward. The Commissioner told me it would be better for the defendants if they came forward so we wouldn’t have hunted them down.

The DCs will direct the Captain to create a list of all those who come forward, and then send it to John and Kevin at Operations. I understand that members may not want to come forward, but they should be aware that the incident is recorded on video and BITS will contact them if they do not.

Please accept my sincere thanks


I quickly realized that, as my people say, Chief Hodgens was using his alligator’s mouth to write checks which his canary a** couldn’t cash.

Andrew Ansbro, the president of the FDNY Uniformed Firefighters Association, apologized in an op-ed published three days after Letitia James was insulted for her awesomeness. He also set out a marker. He pointed out that heckling was nothing new at ceremonies and that the dais was crowded with FDNY officials, all of whom were able to step in and stop the antics.

I apologize to AG James for this unfortunate event, and I hope my apology will be accepted.

We will defend our members vigorously because, in the end, their actions were not new, and if they were wrong, those who should have stopped them failed to do so.

Please reserve the best seats for the chiefs if the department wishes to conduct a class on public behavior. However, disciplinary actions are not an option.

The crowd booed and taunted the Democrat apparatchik, and current Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanaugh with “You suck!” As she marched through the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Kavanaugh was taunted with calls of “You suck!”

The Trump-affiliated America First Policy Institute has taken the first steps toward legal action.

The whole thing was then called off.

Chief Hodgens used some disreputable doublespeaking in an attempt to defuse this issue.

A top FDNY official is facing the consequences of a Post article that revealed how Laura Kavanagh had planned to “hunt” down firefighters and staffers who had booed mercilessly New York Attorney General Letitia Jimenez during a promotion ceremony.

Chief of Department John Hodgens apologized for his previous internal announcement. He admitted that his use of “hunt” was a “poor choice of words”.

He wrote: “It wasn’t meant to be taken literally, and it was never said by anyone in the executive staff.” “Specifically, an investigation was never conducted and there is no investigation of members’ booing.”

The threat of disciplinary actions was the primary reason for the use of “hunt”. The department has ordered the firefighters to report and quote the communication. “They will be brought to headquarters to be educated,” Hodgens states clearly that the FDNY equivalent of a police Internal Affairs unit is investigating to identify FDNY members who booed James and participated in the Trump chant. The only reason for involving the investigative unit is to fire or suspend firefighters.

This is what happens when bullies face organized opposition. They give up. They will still hold a grudge. The FDNY officers who have been known by management to be involved in the Letitia-James incident should watch their steps because political animals such as Kavanaugh are ruthless and do not show mercy.