Disinformation Czar Says She Won’t Be Silenced By Harassment From Men Online

In a book she wrote this year, the Biden administration’s disinformation chief claimed she would not be “silenced” on social media. She resisted what she called “harassment” online from men when she posted opinions.

She asserts that the “infrastructure” of the internet was built for men.

Nina Jankowicz’s new book “How to Be a Woman Online” raises concerns about a variety of topics surrounding the backlash women experience online. She also focuses on men’s reactions to her words.

In April’s book, she said that harassment of women is a cost of their social media engagement. She also stated that “we accept that harassment of women”

Jankowicz suggested that negative feedback from men online is a violation of her “basic democratic rights and human rights.” She also said that it was meant to silence her and other women. Jankowicz concluded that comments from men “change the way women engage online.”

She wrote that “[T]he incessant stream of online misogyny, to which I and millions other women deign to engage into public discourse have been subject sometimes rattles my,” Although I may have thicker skin than others, it is difficult to watch thousands of people criticize my appearance, expertise, and experience. It is difficult to watch them make fun of me. It is difficult to watch them deprive me and other women of our fundamental democratic and human rights. These attacks are not only unacceptable, but they are also viewed as “the cost of doing business” in an age when an online presence is almost mandatory.

She claimed that being a woman online was an inherently dangerous act. “The attacks that we face are designed to silence us. They encourage us to remain in our traditional roles as women and to not be involved in journalism, politics, activism, journalism, or other public life. There is ample evidence to suggest that these attacks, no matter how absurd, unfounded, or ignorant, change the way women engage online.

Jankowicz stated that as a white, straight, cisgender woman, Jankowicz cannot see how a woman who is part of an ethnically, race, or sexually marginalized group would deal with online experiences. Jankowicz claims that these women are “even less likely to be targeted” and are more likely to suffer more severe attacks.

Jankowicz highlighted Van Badham’s term “the engagement boner” and described her views on online encounters with men. She advised readers to get to know their different forms so they don’t mistake their first approach for bad-faith.

Jankowicz said, “They burst violently in your mentions, your life like a Kool-Aid Man, demanding your attention and hawking opinions they believe to be unarguably, clearly correct, and indispensable.” “PAY ATTENTION! They yell. “MY OPINION MATERS!” This is the driving force behind much of this behavior. It may be laden with misogynistic remarks or written in polite language.

She said that the “engagement boner” is a common theme among any online genus of trolling trolls. The trolls might write and lash out differently or fixate on certain parts of your background or appearance, but what drives them is their engagement with you. They hope this will inspire you to shut up and allow them infinitely more valuable thoughts.

Jankowicz writes in her book that she has never been afraid to express her opinions about men. She also recalls the time when she “pecked” a little boy’s face while dressing up as a “bird princess” on Halloween.

Jankowicz wrote a note in her first grade journal that stated, “Today, I am a bird… I am sad peple macke [sic] of me.”

She added, “But I continued doing my best to not let anyone walk all around me,”

Jankowicz also made broad statements in her book, claiming that the “infrastructure” of the internet was built “for men and with men’s safety in mind.” This suggests that men don’t need to adhere to any “social mores or boundaries” when posting comments on social media.

She said that women are expected to endure an astronomical level of abuse in order to participate in conversations and navigate a set social rules and boundaries that don’t exist to them. Men curse when they see online behavior that they don’t like. They block. They will openly and willingly dogpile or troll. The world considers them more masculine for it.”

Jankowicz, reflecting on her own experiences, wrote in the book that she is committed to ensuring women have an “equal” voice on social media. She also stated that she will not “be silenced about our collective experience with harassment, abuse and inequity online and off.”

Republicans have criticized Jankowicz as well as the new disinformation board that was established by the Department of Homeland Security. They claim it is nothing more than a “ministry of Truth.” Capitol Hill Republicans have pointed out Jankowicz’s past endorsements for disinformation and her efforts to suppress inaccurate news events that were damaging to Democrats.