Chief Justice Roberts Speaks Out About Leak of Abortion Decision

Chief Justice John Roberts made a first public comment about the leaked draft opinion in the Mississippi abortion case. The majority of justices voted for sending all abortion decisions back home to the states to be sorted out by voters. If the draft decision is upheld, it will wipe out Roe v. Wade or Casey v. Planned Parenthood rulings.

Roberts described Thursday’s leak by a Supreme Court employee at a federal judicial conference held in Atlanta as “absolutely unacceptable.”

CNN reports that Roberts said to the group that it was foolish if the person or persons who leaked the draft opinion believed it would have an impact on the court’s work.

Many believe that Roberts was either a partial or full supporter of the liberal wing of the court, given the spread of 5-4 votes (which were also leaked to Politico earlier in the week), or he was writing partial concurrence with the Mississippi law. After 15 weeks, abortions are prohibited in Mississippi. Roberts preferred Roe and Casey to remain on the books. This is a good decision for Roberts, who seems to care more about the institution and Supreme Court than about getting rid of a “precedent” exonerated by Justice Sam Alito’s majority opinion as being “egregiously”. Alito compared the Roe decision’s “freewheeling” nature to Plessy-v. Ferguson, which was a notorious separate but equal 1869 decision that extended Jim Crow laws to the south. In 1954, the Supreme Court summarily refunded that decision in Brown v. Board of Education.

Precedent is a great thing, and we thank God for it.

We will see how much Robert loves this institution. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Laura Ingraham, former Supreme Court law clerks, and Mike Davis, the head of Article III Project, claims that the leak has altered the court’s image, possibly for the better. This traitorous move will cause a loss of comity, and possibly mutual distrust. Ted Cruz claims it was done by a “woke lefty idiot” working for one of the three “liberal” justices.

It would be refreshing to see someone being punished for their outrageous and politically venomous antics. The Left has already made the leaker a hero. However, he or she should be publicly shamed and disbarred.

It’s highly unlikely. Consider what their friends are doing on the streets and online.

Pro-abortion groups doxxed U.S. Supreme Court members on Thursday afternoon. They publicly listed their addresses and promised to “peacefully, stroll by” their homes on May 11.

It is possible that the same person who leaked a draft statement also leaked these deliberately hidden addresses.

Is this insurrection?

Cruz was almost as upset that Jen Psaki, White House spokeswoman, told reporters that there was no White House opinion on the leak. Cruz, a former chairman of the judiciary committee, lambasted President Trump, saying that “somewhere to the extent that his brain knows what is going on, it’s shameful that his White House is standing there saying that ‘we don’t have any opinion about law clerks leaking Supreme Court opinions. This undermines the rule and law.”

Roberts had earlier in the week issued a statement calling the leak an “affront” or “egregious.” Roberts called the U.S. Supreme Court Police marshal to investigate. Roberts will need to step up his efforts to pursue these criminals.