Did Tucker Hit a Nerve? Axios Wants to Move on From January 6

The January 6 Select Committee of Democrats was a study on propaganda. It was a one-sided hanging court that jealously guarded the footage of the Capitol Riot and released only what it chose for the public to view. This was so extreme that the committee withheld exculpatory videos from the poor, illiterate bastards it had caught. They now live in federal prison cells without the right to due process.

After Republicans had been unable to wrest control over the U.S. House of Representatives from the Democrats’ ballot vote sow-n–reap operation, Tucker Carlson, Fox News’s new House speaker, favored transparency and allowed Tucker Carlson full access to all video previously reserved for the Establishment-Left kangaroo court.

Carlson immediately got to work, highlighting previously unreleased footage that showed the J6 committee partisans to be manipulative and lying propagandists. Big Left started to squeal like a stuck pork after Carlson had only aired his first night.

Methinks Tucker struck a nerve.

My favorite part was Don Lemon’s lamentation about the unfairness that the footage was given to Fox News only and not all Leftist outlets simultaneously. Unfair? Excuse me, your J6 Select Committee friends locked down that footage for two years and hired an experienced producer to turn it into an anti Trump primetime miniseries. Their trial was covered by your networks from wall to wall. Because their defense teams were denied access, people are in prison. Now, only one news channel — not even the entire network — has been allowed to examine another side of the events. Are you upset?

Axios is one of the media that has lost its mind over the unimaginable evils of balanced reporting. It is a web-based outlet which imagines it has built a reputation for dispassionate and centrist news reporting. Until now.

Axios, who are usually stoic, ran the headline “GOP senators call bullsh*t on Carlson” in an e-newsletter that was published the day after Tucker’s narrative busting report. The story started, “Senate minority Mitch McConnell, (R-Ky.), opened his press conference today by a stunning –and unprompted — rebuke to Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s segment last night on previously unseen Jan. 6 footage.” It then quoted several other establishment Republicans denouncing Carlson’s expose, including Senator Thom Tillis (R.N.C.), who said, “I think that it’s bullsh*t” without staring out the cus. Axios, tell us what you think!

Axios doesn’t want to comment on the real footage aired by Carlson. This footage proved that the Brian Sicknick “insurrectionists murdered cops” narrative was a fabrication, and that Jacob Chansley, “QAnon Shaman”, peacefully wandered through the halls of Capitol Police while he was allegedly waging a violent rebellion.

Axios released a soft concern-troll piece Wednesday that encouraged Republicans not to keep J6.

Some Republican legislators are hesitant about the idea of spending two more years discussing Jan. 6. They see the renewed focus as part a self-destructive streak that will undermine their agenda for the new majority.

What’s the deal? Every time Democrats and the press seem ready to move on the insurrection is brought back to center stage again by the GOP’s most powerful voices.

Why it matters: House Democrats used majority to ensure Jan. 6’s roots, violence, and consequences received maximum attention through choreographed prime time hearings.

The Republicans gained the power to set the agenda when they won the midterm elections and divert attention from the serious political vulnerability that polls showed.

Republicans, largely because of their empowerment of far-right, have made sure that cable news continues to be flooded with wall-to-wall coverage about the 2021 Capitol Attack.

“Each time Democrats and the press seem ready to move on the insurrection gets dragged back onto center stage by GOP’s most influential voice.” To borrow a phrase, bullsh*t. The INSURRECTION is what the Big Left loves! It will continue to use it to denigrate its political opponents more than anything. They’ve even moved to the stage of political prisoners, using the narrative as a way to criminalize unapproved speech and the FBI spying on Catholics it considers too religious. They won’t let go of what is precious to them, but they would prefer that Republicans stop exposing it as an exaggeration at worst.

Axios was only too eager to report on every detail that emerged from the Democrat-controlled J6 Committee. What is the sudden loss in interest in this subject? The second Axios article, “Frustrated Republicans want’move forward’ as far right revives Jan. 6,” is actually called “Frustrated Republicans Want to’move On’ as Far-Right Revives Jan. 6.” Where have we ever heard this expression? Ah, yes! That was the story when Bill Clinton, then-President, was caught with the intern. He further complicated his situation by perjuring himself as well as tampering witnesses and evidence. Although he was not convicted by the Senate, Clinton was impeached for these crimes. Apparently, Democrats hated impeachment back then.

Sorry Axios! The Tucker Show is only beginning.