Did the House Oversight Committee Issue Contempt Resolution for FBI Director Wray?

James Comer, the Chair of the House Oversight Committee (R-KY), has now released a resolution for contempt against FBI Director Christopher Wray. The resolution holding Wray in contempt was passed after the FBI failed to comply with a subpoena directing it to hand over the FD-1023 document, which had been revealed by a whistleblower. It related to the purported bribery by a foreigner of former Vice President Joe Biden. The committee will vote Thursday at 9:00 am Eastern on a resolution.

A 16-page document laying out the resolution’s basis is included with it.

According to this report, the Committee on Oversight and Accountability will recommend the following form of resolution to the U.S. House of Representatives to cite Christopher Wray, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for contempt of Congress:

Resolved: Christopher Wray Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation shall be found guilty of contempt of Congress because he failed to comply with an official congressional subpoena.

It is resolved that pursuant to the 2 U.S.C. SSSS 192 and 204, the Speaker of the House of Representatives must certify the Committee on Oversight and Accountability’s report detailing Christopher Wray’s refusal to provide documents to the Committee on Oversight and Accountability.

The United States Attorney of the District of Columbia is responsible for bringing Director Wray to justice in accordance with the law.

Resolved: The Speaker of the House is authorized by the House to take all appropriate actions to enforce the subpoena.

Comer also released the following statement along with the resolution:

The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability has been told that the FBI is required to produce the unclassified FD-1023 records. The FBI has yet to comply with the subpoena we have issued and refused to acknowledge the existence of the FD-1023 record until last week. After Director Wray acknowledged the existence of the records, the FBI began its cover-up by leaking false information to the media. The FBI, the White House, and Democrats would like the American public to believe that the case has been closed. This record was created by the FBI based on credible information provided by an FBI informant that has been with them for more than a decade, and who is paid six figures. The informant was able to speak directly with the foreigner who claimed that Vice President Biden had been bribed. Now, Attorney General Barr confirms that the records were given to the U.S. attorney in Delaware as part of the investigation. Americans no longer trust the FBI to enforce laws impartially. They demand transparency and accountability. The Oversight Committee is responsible for ensuring that the federal government and the American public are held accountable.

You’ll want your popcorn ready to watch the Oversight Hearing on Thursday because it’s going to be very interesting. We will continue to cover the story on this site.