Canada’s Tolerance Meter Just Broke

What happens when a progressive force that is unstoppable meets a progressive wall that is immovable? Let’s start with apologies. Canada, America’s nutty neofascist neighbour to the north has once again broken new ground when it comes to Leftist weirdness. It is Pride Month everywhere, as you are all too aware. Canada is not an exception. Canucks have never been able to resist a progressive message. Two great tastes do not always go well together, unlike the peanut butter cups of a certain brand that I will not mention.

A teacher at Londonderry Jr. high in Edmonton ripped into students who chose not to attend Pride events as Pride Month got underway.

This… er, ed., teacher, apparently, missed a very important point about Islam. It opposes homosexuality. It may not be her belief, but that is the truth. Obviously, reality and progressive thinking have never been a good match. She may think that Islam is like the Western churches who have bent over backwards to accommodate the LGBTQ community. The prohibition of homosexuality in Islam is not negotiable, regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with its tenets. It is a fact that students who she claims to respect, but whose religions are not represented in the school, would have been denied entry even if they had wanted to. She was so against homophobia and transphobia, she turned to Islamophobia. Can you really blame her? It must be impossible to keep track of all the flags and pins that are displayed, as well as signs, marches and protests.

The teacher then said, “We believe freedom.” This is a rich statement coming from a Canadian. Christians, conservatives or those who believe in biology have no chance if this teacher won’t let Muslim students go free for their religious beliefs. This woman would make straight Christian students into friends.

As the teacher’s words were still practically hanging in the air someone from the district realized that they had a hot and woke mess. The school quickly issued an apology, albeit tepid.

Poor Principal Ed Charpentier. You can’t help but feel sorry for him. He could not have predicted this when he had his morning coffee to start the week. This is a nightmare for the woke. As Martha and the Vandellas said once, there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Charpentier should prepare to eat a huge bite of a crappy sandwich. The rest of Canada might want to think about what they will drink when their turn comes to order. This is what you get when Pride becomes the state religion. Pride is the only god. It will never be appeased.