Democrats Prepare a Mid-Term October Surprise to Influence the Election

The mid-term elections in November will be the most difficult for Democrats in more than a decade. The generic ballot is dominated by Republicans, who have a strong structural advantage when it comes to competing for the House of Representatives. The GOP is also expected to control the Senate, despite concerns over candidate quality.

It is important to note that presidential approval can be correlated with their party’s midterm prospects. Joe Biden is currently at the lowest poll numbers for his term. A recent Times/Siena poll showed him at 33 percent approval, and only 13 percent believe the country’s on the right track.

Democrats tried desperately to change the narrative, focusing on guns and abortion, but it’s been a failure because those are not issues that directly affect the majority of Americans every day. Inflation and the economy are still top of every list.

The Democrats are simply failing to grasp the basics. This means that they must do more than just enact good policies to influence the election. If you pay attention, you can see exactly what they are planning.

Is there any evidence that the Winter will see a deadly, massive COVID spike? We know that the coronavirus is seasonal. There’s not much else. The virus is far less dangerous than it was in the past because of a combination between weaker variants, widespread immunity (both vaccine-induced and natural), and a combination.

The administration continues to sound the alarm and has even extended the state of emergency.

There’s also Dr. Anthony Fauci who has been a ghost over the past few months. On Tuesday, he returned to the scene to inform Americans that they can’t “put down the pandemic.”

You probably know where I am going with this if you have read this far. Before the 2020 election, Democrats used the COVID-19 threat as an excuse for advancing election law changes in many states. This included swing states such as Pennsylvania. Unmonitored drop boxes were placed around cities to facilitate mail-in voting. Popularized were also extensions that allowed for ballots to be returned long after the election day, such as “drive-thru” voting.

All of this resulted in a chaotic, unregulated election with few safeguards. That’s what Democrats want again in November. Even fraud can be ignored. It is clear that Democrats are able to benefit from mass mail-in voting and ballot harvesting. They wanted to federalize these practices and eliminate election security provisions such as voter ID.

As we enter the fall, the White House clearly has a plan in place to encourage more COVID panic. This hysteria can be used to justify another push to amend election laws. Democrats need to do something because their current governance won’t cut it.

Republicans cannot allow themselves to be run over again by the same truck. The administration is pushing the COVID narrative harder and harder. The GOP needs to respond by emphasizing that no changes will be made to the election laws regardless of what happens. They cannot dictate at the state and federal levels. Many red states gathered to support the Democrats on this front in 2020. Things must change this time.