WaPo Complains About Joe Biden’s Low Approval Numbers

The Washington Post acknowledged Tuesday that President Joe Biden’s horrible poll numbers are exactly what Americans should have expected, as the Washington Post stated on Tuesday.

The Post’s John Sides, and Robert Griffin both acknowledged that the “normalcy” has not returned to normal as Democrats had hoped after former Donald Trump’s departure.

A Monday poll by the New York Times found that only one percent of voters consider Biden’s economy excellent. Only nine percent of voters said Biden’s economic performance is excellent. 29 percent stated that the economy was just fair, while 58 percent claimed the economy is poor.

When asked by voters if inflation or the rising cost to live were important factors in their midterm voting preferences they answered 96 percent of them. Two percent of respondents said that inflation was not relevant to them.

Overall, Biden’s approval ratings are very low. FiveThirtyEight polling Monday showed that Biden’s 18-month-old approval rating is the lowest among modern presidents in more than 75 years.

Civiqs gave Biden the lowest approval rating for his presidency Saturday. Only 29 percent of voters approve of Biden, compared to 48 percent when he took office.