Danica Patrick Defends Attending TPUSA Event After Backlash Erupts

Celebrities’ respective fandoms sometimes establish themselves as forces to be reckoned with in their own right, with examples like Taylor Swift’s “Swifties” and Beyonce’s “Beyhive” coming to mind. I would suggest avoiding fan groups on social media to maintain your sanity.

Although fandoms are loyal, they can turn against you in an instant. That’s what happened to former professional racecar driver Danica Patrick after she posted on Instagram several photos, including one where she was standing next to Brooke Patrick at the Turning Point USA ‘AmericaFest’ event held in Phoenix mid-December.

Here are some photos of the event:

Some fans were outraged. Two comments sum up the criticism of her:

How can you claim to love your country if you support someone who has incited an uprising or a party that denies the event happened? Write one.

Another said, “I was her biggest fan for many years but I had to drop her.” It just shows that her spiritual journey was a farce, as you cannot be a person who is filled with healing and positive energy while also being a part of an organization centered around hate and racism.

They continued to say, “Very disappointed with her life choices.”

Patrick had many defenders but she was the one who responded best. She said in an Instagram post that for years, she kept her political views to herself out of fear of backlash. She said that it is unfair that celebrities attending Democrat events are treated as if it were just another day in the week, but when they attend a conservative function it’s OutrageAPalooza.

“I’m not a liberal.” I’m somewhere in between a Republican and an independent. I believe our country should have a leader who is both business-savvy and honest. I think we should all be allowed to express ourselves freely. I do not think that our food or skies should be contaminated. It’s a joke that Democrats are proud, but Republicans can’t be. There is a lot of propaganda in the mainstream media. I love this nation and I’ve lived in other places. When people with different opinions talk face-to-face, I think we see that we are similar rather than different. Patrick posted on Friday her Instagram story that she doesn’t always believe what people say.

“I’ve been torn for years about whether I should care what politics say or live my life as an example. Patrick wrote, “I have been doing this later.” “The reaction today has been interesting… Since all I said is that I love this nation.”

Patrick’s Instagram page shows that she is not a one-dimensional politician. She has promoted podcasts featuring 2024 independent presidential nominee Robert F. Kennedy Jr., among other guests, and even invited experts whose expertise revolves around whether or not aliens are real.

Patrick is a good woman for refusing to let the haters bring her down, and for standing up for herself. It’s refreshing to see someone who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself when she’s been attacked by the outrage mob.