California Stores Face Fines for Lack of Gender-Neutral Toy Sections

There is hardly a day that goes by when there’s no news about California lunacy. The latest is toys. After solving every other issue that has plagued the residents of California, the state government now plans to punish (read that as fine) any stores that refuse to carry “gender-neutral” toys.

California stores with over 500 employees may soon face fines for not having a section of toys that is “gender neutral” once a new law takes effect on Jan. 1.

The bill was signed by Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom in 2021. Gavin Newsom will fine stores that do not have a gender-neutral toy section in their store for children 12 and under $500.

According to the text of the legislation, a childcare item is “any product that the manufacturer has designed or intended to be used to assist children in sleeping, relaxing, feeding, or with teething or sucking.”

The traditional boys’ and girls’ sections will not be banned, but it is necessary to create a gender-neutral section.

In a sane society, the government at any level would not have this much authority to regulate businesses. California’s government, however, has been out of control for many years. It should come as no surprise to anyone who has read my work that I have some predictions about how this all will unfold.

  1. Notice that this applies to stores with more than 500 employees. Prediction: The number of retail establishments with 499 employees will explode.
  2. To that end, the big chain stores (I’m presuming that the 500-employee bar applies to the company as a whole, not the individual store) will either close their stores, adding to the exodus of businesses from California or divest their locations into local corporate structures; see 1. above.
  3. Prices for toys will go up. This stupid law will increase costs; the stores will not be required by law to stock toys they wouldn’t otherwise, presumably because they don’t sell as well; they will have to set aside a section for these toys and hire people to staff them. Businesses don’t absorb costs; they pass them on

I would also be interested to learn how California will define “gender neutral.” When she was a little girl, one of our granddaughters loved to play with trucks. Is it “gender neutral” if toy companies put flowers on a pink toy truck? Or are they now for girls only? What about board games? Chutes and Ladders is it gender neutral? What about Candy Land? Has anyone thought about this?

California’s madness is out of control. This is what the author said:

After the bill’s passage, California Democrat Evan Low, its author, stated, “We must stop stigmatizing gender and let kids just be kids.”

Low, CBS News’ 2021 correspondent, said: “I hope this bill will encourage more businesses in California and across the U.S. not to reinforce harmful stereotypes and outdated beliefs.”

Evan Low should be removed from his elected position and, if possible, chased out of the State. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen. The government’s only legitimate job is to protect us from other people who might harm us or steal our things. The law is not harmful or outdated, despite the whining. It is intrusive, tyrannical, and barking mad. You get this, people, when you have a one-party government.

Our sympathies and admiration go out to all of you Californians on the right who are fighting for your state.