Elon Musk Emerges Victorious, Triumphs Over Disney in Epic Showdown

Musk said that he will not be intimidated by large companies who try to force money on him to protect his right to free speech.

Musk told them to refrain from advertising if that is what they wanted. Elon said, “If someone is going to blackmail with advertising or blackmail with money, then go f**k yourselves.”

If they missed it the first go, he repeated it with emphasis and hand gestures, “Go f**k yourselves!”

Is this clear? He asked. “I hope so.” He said, “Hey, Bob” and waved at Bob Iger the CEO of Disney.

This was a rallying cry that the right loved. Media Matters’ hit job against Musk and X and a comment taken out of context by Disney were both factors in the advertiser pullout. Musk criticized Disney for advertising near “child exploitation materials.” He also dropped an important lawsuit against Media Matters.

Musk didn’t stop there. He blasted Disney for their wokeness and the way they have changed Disney.

“If we fight the woke-mind virus, the virus will fight back.” He said that Disney was deeply affected by the woke-mind virus at a conference in Italy. Walt Disney, he thought, would turn over in his grave at what is happening now within the company. He said that Walt Disney wasn’t about this, but about bringing happiness to children and families.

Musk went on to further attack the “woken mind virus”.

Musk stated at an event held in Italy that “the woke mind virus” is a very divisive form of identity politics …[ that amplifies racism, amplifies sexism, and amplifies all the -isms, while pretending to do the contrary. It divides people and makes them hate one another and themselves.

Musk had described it as “communism reinvented” in a podcast appearance he made a few weeks prior.

Musk appeared to have the last laugh last week on Disney. Tesla made a move that many saw as a retaliation against Disney.

The Tesla news site Electrek reported last week that Disney informed the car manufacturer of its decision to remove Disney’s app from the main screen.

Tesla did not explain its decision, but it isn’t necessary. This is a reaction to Disney CEO Bob Iger launching an advertiser boycott against X.

Now it looks as follows:

They haven’t yet learned that Ellon will never take Guff, and he is always prepared to fight back. He has the moxie to fight back and the money.

It is a favorite amongst the public.