Could Arnold Schwarzenegger Save America?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is without a doubt one of the most famous action stars in history. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s filmography is a series of classics in the genre. He has played iconic roles like Conan the Barbarian and the Terminator. This man would be the first to be inducted into a Hall of Fame of action heroes if there ever was one.

Schwarzenegger is not only known for his film work. Schwarzenegger was also a former California governor and a highly accomplished bodybuilder. He is confident in his leadership skills, and he believes he will make a great president. I don’t know if that’s the case, I am sure that we’ve had worse. Joe Biden sits in the Oval Office after all.

In an interview with BBC, the 75-year-old superstar said: “I think I’d make a good president.” “But, I feel, at the same, that everything I’ve achieved was because of America.”

Schwarzenegger was not allowed to run for president because he was born in Austria. He called Austria his home up until the age of 19. According to the Constitution, anyone seeking the highest office must be a “natural-born citizen.”

Schwarzenegger, however, is not the type of person who will give up on their dreams. The former bodybuilding champ still holds out hope that, despite constitutional restrictions, he’ll find himself in the White House someday. If that is to happen, then something will have to be done quickly. The man doesn’t get any younger, isn’t it?

He admitted, “OK, there’s the Constitution.” “We absolutely need immigration reform to change this.” It would be selfish of me to try and change the law.

On this point, I must disagree with him. It is not necessary to change the law in order to allow immigrants to run for president. Natural-born citizens have a stronger sense of loyalty toward their country and are more likely to seek out its welfare. A person who is not a native of the country they are from may still feel a strong connection to it and want to run for president in order to benefit that nation.

Breitbart reports that “A registered Republican he served as California’s 38th Governor from 2003 to 2011 and confesses his love for the country which gave him so many opportunities in life.”

The former California Governor said, “America has given me so many opportunities. And the American people have been so welcoming and received me with open hearts.” “No one stopped me from my successes.”

Schwarzenegger, even if he were to be allowed to run for the White House, ruined any chance of him being elected during the COVID-19 Pandemic by calling those who refused masks “schmucks” and then saying “screw your freedom.”

The actor is adamant that the country should elect “youngblood” in the current presidential elections.

He said, “It seems odd to me that we’re having a fight between people in the early 80s and late 70s.”