Biden State Department Wishing Everyone a Happy Intersex Awareness Day

Have you heard? You may have heard that there’s a sort of war or conflict in the Middle East, a distant region. Another war is taking place in a far-off region called Ukraine. There are wars in Azerbaijan and Yemen, as well as in Africa and Asia.

You’d think the U.S. State Department is working hard to stop these conflicts from spiraling out of control. Their job is to do this, right? What else can they do to be more important than maintaining the peace in the world?

You probably didn’t realize that Foggy Bottom celebrates Intersex Awareness Day.

Because I am very old, I had to google “intersex” in order to learn what it was. Or who it is.

I first thought “intersex”, was a Fauci/mad-scientist experiment to combine some of the 50+ genders recently invented into a Frankenstein-type gender.

Turns out I wasn’t too far off. According to the United Nations, the world authority on bizarre sexual delineations, “intersex individuals” do not “fit typical binary notions of female or male bodies”, according to the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

What Planned Parenthood says is even more concise: “Intersex” is a term used to describe bodies that do not fit into the male/female binary. Does that mean Lizzo is transgender?

What in the Sam Hill Department of State is devoting resources to this silliness when the world is about to go BOOM and blow up?

Matthew Miller, a spokesman for the State Department, wrote: “Today we celebrate and recognize Intersex Awareness Day and affirm the United States commitment to promoting the human rights of intersex people globally.” We applaud all activists and organizations working to increase visibility and awareness, protect Intersex people’s rights to bodily Integrity, and ensure equal protection and legal recognition.

Washington Free Beacon

* The Biden Administration has a long history of celebrating obscure LGBTQIA2S+ days in the middle of an international crisis. In October 2021 – several weeks after Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan – the State Department’s social media post about “International Pronouns Day” was widely mocked.

* The State Department provided free counseling earlier this year to those who felt “triggered” after an “email glitch” caused a number of employees to be “misgendered.”

What does it mean to protect “bodily integrity?” Why do we require a handbook for something that should be obvious to a three-year-old child? According to this idiot, there are 72 genders. Will we ever stop “discovering” genders? What will happen if we stop? How do we, in the name of all that is good and holy, keep track of everyone?

The Biden administration should provide a list of pronouns with their genders so that we do not go to prison for ignorance.

Can a child decide whether or not to have an appendectomy? Can a child choose whether to have an appendectomy or not? Cancer surgery?

Of course, it’s madness. The State Department could almost justify World War III to rid the world of this idiotic, illogical gender crap.