Common Sense Has Left The Building

Face Mask Required

I should never be surprised when Joe Biden opens his mouth, yet here we are…Now he has plans for your face. “Every American should be wearing a mask when they’re outside for the next three months at a minimum” he said. 

The former vice president and Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, has called for a national mask mandate. He was joined at the briefing with his newly named running mate, Sen, Kamala Harris, to discuss the spread of the coronavirus pandemic and how to help fight it. 

Biden discussed a mask mandate nationwide, estimating that it will save over 40,000 lives in the next three months if that is done. We all know that if there’s one thing we shouldn’t trust it is the numbers these “experts” like Dr. Fauci have been giving us, which have been completely off. He also stressed that wearing a mask protects your fellow citizens and makes you a patriot.  

It’s an interesting coincidence that Joe should advocate a mask for a three-month period. That mandate would end in November, the month of the presidential election. Hmm. 

Though President Trump said he is a believer in masks, he adds that he’s leaving it up to the state governors to decide whether or not to implement the orders requiring people to wear them in public. This had led the radical left to poor comprehension skills. President Trump is not saying he doesn’t believe in masks. He is asking the governors to each implement and enforce the mandates based on their state. Each state has a different set of demographics, meaning different results in cases, the spread, immunity, etc. A universal mask mandate would be pointless for some states.

And, of course, Harris praised reporters of Biden’s mask missive. “That’s what real leadership looks like,” she said. Funny how June of last year, she didn’t even seem impressed by Joe as a leader and labeled him a “racist” who hangs out with segregationists. But hey, water under the bridge right? Apparently. 

It’s already been explained by scientists that mask mandates are unnecessary for those under a certain age and without certain health issues. Unless they are around people with those health issues and a certain age, this is just another attempt to keep control of what is slowly slipping away from them. 

On “Bill Hemmer Reports,” Fox News sat down with Dr. Marc Siegel to talk about Biden’s nationwide mask mandate. He went on to explain that masks make sense in enclosed populated spaces, but that it makes no sense to have a national mandate if you are outside and walking alone. It depends entirely on your environment and the population, which is why President Trump left it up to state governors in the first place. 

Hopefully Biden just forgets everything he said about the masks and moves on to mumble about the next radical idea being shoved his way. Or at least opens up a standard textbook to learn that a thin piece of cloth does nothing against a virus.