Columbia University: Hillary Clinton, Once Unlikable, Somehow Makes Herself Even Less Likable

It’s impossible to predict who would be the most likable politician if one asked American voters to rate politicians on a scale, but determining the least liked may be more difficult. After all, they are all competing against each other. The top position as the least likable American politician is easy. After all, we’re discussing a woman who rode on someone else’s coattails to public prominence. She enriched herself with corrupt real estate and investing schemes. She carpetbagged her way into a Senate position. And she served as Barack Obama‚Äôs Secretary of State, as Obama adhered to his maxim “Keep your enemies close and your friends closer.” This person has the warmth and charm of the Spanish Inquisition, but also a sense that is as large as Jupiter’s Great Red Spot. She ran an entire campaign for president on the slogan “It’s My Turn, Peasants!”

If you haven’t already guessed, I am writing about Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I First of That Name Dowager Empress Chappaqua. We can see now that Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, First of That Name, Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, has taken it upon herself to mold impressionable minds at Columbia University by teaching a course on “decision making” (yes, this is true) and she has managed, in an amazing way, to make herself less likable than before.

A Columbia University student criticized Hillary Clinton’s “decision-making” class for its lack of insight. She said the former secretary was “basically just reading passages from the book”, and that she became more political as the semester progressed.

Laalitya Acharya said in December on TikTok: “I wanted her to bring some unique insights… instead of her reciting paragraphs from her book, word for word, during the lecture.”

This student displayed some amazing audacity by questioning Her Imperial Majesty’s wisdom! This young and impressionable person surely didn’t expect that Mrs. Clinton would engage the students in a personal way. It got worse.

Students said that Clinton seemed to be less relatable over the semester.

“Usually, when you begin to… get acquainted with [politicians] on a more personal level, you start liking them a bit more because they are more humanized.” “Over the term, however, I felt like Hillary Clinton was more of a political figure than she had been at the beginning.”

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s followed Her Imperial Majesty (if that’s what you want to call her) from the time she was First Lady of Arkansas. Although Mrs. Clinton made some political mistakes that were a slap on the face — her comment about a “basket full of deplorables,” for example — she always put herself first. She has made political calculations in everything she has done after marrying Bill Clinton. Without Bill, she probably would still be the third assistant warden at the Park Ridge Dog Pound, Illinois. Her continued marriage to the Jeff Epstein Society for Wayward Youths member is also a political decision since Bill has a trait she does not have: charisma. He has a slimy charisma like a used car salesman in a Salvation Army jacket and tie.

Columbia probably jumped at having Her Imperial Majesty join their staff and offered her a generous salary and benefits package in exchange for her name being on their letterhead. As Columbia has learned to its regret, you can always count on the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua to do what she wants. If she gets a chance, she’ll take it.

What’s the most horrifying thing? Many people are encouraging her to run again for president. She might even think she can win if President-ish Joe Biden, who is one of the only people to have a lower approval rating than Her Imperial Majesty, were to decide to step down.