Trump Takes Down Biden with Hilarious Video and Outshines Him on Policy Too

Joe Biden’s tenure at the White House demonstrates how Donald Trump excelled in many areas, particularly when it came down to policy. It may be that this is why we have more wars and violence under Biden than under Trump.

Trump had put the Houthis, for instance, on his terrorist list. Biden removed the Houthis from the list after he became president, which has given them greater confidence. In addition, he coddled Iran, which supports them and released money for them. This was a bad move.

Biden is unable to deal with any situation. His actions always make things worse.

You could be right. He doesn’t seem to be present all the time. About 40% of his life is spent on vacation. Even when he is, it’s still a mystery if that’s him. His public calendar, for instance, only lists about an hour as “work” in the past 20 days. It was still only two remarks and no work for the American people.

We must ask “Who is running this clownshow?” We must ask ourselves: “Who is running this clown show?”

The video was better. Trump made a funny video where he attacked Biden for all his issues. Who created the video is unclear.

In the video, it is stated that “Our residents feel at home at White House Senior Living.” Our facility is vibrant and offers many activities and excursions. It says, “round-the-clock professional care”, as “Dr. Jill” helps Joe untangle his jacket. Joe is chomping on pizza.

The statement that ends the video is “White House Senior Living, where residents are treated as presidents.”

Trump’s sense of humor seems to be unaffected by anything that is thrown his way.

Joe’s confusion is increasing with each passing month. Dr. Jill, who appeared on Morning Joe, tried to sell Joe. Anyone who knows what Biden looks like every day, as the Trump video cleverly demonstrates, will know that she’s not trying to sell anything.