Vivek’s Riveting Questions Put Media in Spotlight, Worrying Response Raises Concerns

Vivek Ramaswamy has a knack for dealing with the media. This has been seen on several occasions, where he has taken down reporters who have tried to bring him down but found the tables turned against them. Most recently, he decimated NBC reporter Dasha Burns and a WaPo journalist on questions regarding racism and white supremacy.

The questions he asked of the media on the day were quite different. He was speaking with two state representatives, and the one asked if any national media believed that they were wrong.

Vivek replied that it was a good question. He then asked the media assembled in front of him a few questions I believe we all would like to hear from them.

Who here is willing to admit that mainstream media reported the Trump-Russia hoax inaccurately? He asked the reporters.

It didn’t appear that anyone was willing to accept this basic truth. The fact that he asked them this question was shocking. One reporter said it “wouldn’t be appropriate to answer a question such as that.”

“Why not?” Vivek asked. “What is inappropriate about lying to the public?”

Vivek went on to state that he believed the public had been lied to for a long time after the Steele dossier was made public.

Then he gave another example he thought would be easier for the students.

Does anyone believe what the media reports about COVID-19’s origin?

He asked if anyone thought that the Wuhan laboratory was likely the source. State representatives raised their hands. The media didn’t.

He asked the question that I thought should have been simple, even if people were afraid to admit it: Does anyone think the Hunter Biden laptop report, as reported in the New York Post was accurate and not Russian misinformation? He remembered how the NY Post account, as well as those who shared the story on Twitter, were locked. It should be simple, right?

Multi-media outlets, including mainstream media, have acknowledged that the laptop is real.

It still looked as if no hands were raised. Vivek mentioned that a reporter had written a story on the laptop. However, it was not clear whether that reporter acknowledged that.

One reporter asked Vivek why he was asking this question now. She asked why Rudy Giuliani had been sued over the laptop as if that somehow brought the laptop into question.

Vivek said that it was an election interference and that, in his opinion, the “same type of election interference” is happening now as well. He said that you must learn from past mistakes or else you will be faced with them again in the future. He said that he did not want that to happen again and that the suppression and suppression of speech about COVID-19 and other things was a major problem.

He said, “That history is relevant for what’s going on today.”

They didn’t expect to be asked questions like that. How dare anyone ask them? You could tell by the few words that one female reporter spoke how ignorant she is and how her thoughts are distorted. Their political views are likely to be the reason why they refuse to admit that there is a problem.

It’s worrying that the media, who are supposed to find the truth and present it to us, don’t appear to be interested or knowledgeable about the facts.