Whoopi Goldberg’s Latest Trump Rant Goes Too Far

Whoopi Goldberg, the “View’s” Whoopi should have stuck to acting instead of political commentary and let those with commonsense do it.

Jaco Booyens says to Sara Gonzales, “Play a Scene from ‘Sister Act’.” “That was the best moment of her career, but then things went downhill.”

Sara, however, thinks Goldberg’s latest Trump tirade (even for the giggles) is worth watching.

Goldberg, in a recent episode “The View” which Jaco claims was “written by the Democratic Party,” went on a tirade of all the terrible things Donald Trump – “the dictator”, would do if he won the 2024 elections.

She began by saying that “people’s trust in the country has waned; that’s what makes me pissed off,” adding ignorantly that Joe Biden was “running for democracy,” and that “really, that’s what’s on the line.”

She continued, “If the other guy becomes President,” referring to Donald Trump, then people will be forced to “somewhere” in a “camp.”

“That’s what he promised us — he will force people to obey his orders.” He said, “I’m going to be good on the first day and then I’m going to turn into another person.”

Her words are absurd since Trump has never made such a ridiculous claim.

Goldberg was not finished. Goldberg also spoke about immigration.

Illegal immigrants “come here for a purpose because they live in a place which is not good for their family.” If you agree with this and understand it, then help us find a way to make immigration better.

Biden is pro-democracy, Trump will put people in camps he does not like, and we all may be forced to leave America if we do not support open borders.

Sara laughs, “She is talking about putting people in camps.” “Your guy has weaponized the FBI and DOJ to target half the country. The FBI is holding families at gunpoint for being pro-life. You are putting people in prison because they waved the American flag and walked away peacefully from the capital.

View the video below: