Colorado Self-Reports 11 Minor NCAA Violations Under Deion Sanders’ Leadership

Deion Sander’s first season as coach of the Buffaloes was a big success for the Colorado football program.

According to USA Today Sports, the program has also been guilty of multiple minor NCAA violations ever since Sanders was hired in December 2022.

According to documents obtained from USA Today Sports, the program self-reported eleven minor NCAA violations. The violations do not carry any serious penalties.

Colorado, in a press release, said that the University of Colorado Boulder Athletic Department was committed to adhering to NCAA regulations. It will continue to educate its coaches, student-athletes, and staff to remain compliant. “We take every infraction seriously, no matter how serious, and these specific infractions have all been reported to the NCAA.”

USA Today Sports reports that the violations are all inadvertent, and occur in “virtually every major college athletic department.”

Sanders used the portal to fill his roster with talent after a 1-11 year in 2022. Two of the violations were related to the transfer portal.

In May, Colorado hosted a camp for postgraduate players in which more than 350 participants took part. The camp was open for players who were registered in the portal as well as high school graduates. The school reported that seven players were present who weren’t “active” on the portal.

Colorado banned all recruiting activities from June 15 through June 28.

Sanders was hired in December 2022. The second offense involving the portal took place shortly thereafter. A high school coach sent an academic transcript for a recruit to Colorado who hadn’t yet entered the transfer portal.

Colorado reported three violations that were related to social media. Sanders has mastered the use of this tool in his coaching career.

Sanders held an Instagram livestream in May 2023, with a recruiter featured. It is not permitted for recruits to participate in media activities with a head coach.

Sanders posted a video on Instagram in January 2023 of Colorado’s volunteer activities. Posting the video on social media is a violation of NCAA rules.

Colorado self-reported other violations, including an unpermitted contact with a recruiter in May as well as a recruit being able to access a premium area at a game.

After a hot start of 3-0, the Buffaloes were all the talk in college football during the first few weeks. Colorado’s hot start was followed by a crashing down, with the team losing eight of its final nine games. The year ended on a six-game losing streak.