CBS Guest Sparks Outrage by Reducing Women to ‘Menstruators’

In one of the left’s latest efforts to desensitize the American people to the twisted ideology of woke, the “CBS Mornings” program trotted out the CEO of a “period” products company on Thursday. She proudly touted the company’s new “gender-inclusive” brand for “menstruators” — stay with me — when they “get their periods.”

Nadya Okamoto, CEO of August, said that she first recognized “period poor” as a teenager. She has worked to “stop the stigma surrounding periods.” An admirable cause with a ridiculous answer. But I’m still a complete novice when it comes to “period poverty.”

The CEO of a “sustainable period care” company, instead of calling women (or girls) “on their periods,” simply referred to menstruators. These menstruators can be men, women, or anything in between.

Okamoto responded to CBS’ Gayle King, who said that Okamoto didn’t want young girls “to experience what so many of us have gone through.”

Human life is not possible without periods. Menstruation is a natural biological process. Yet, history and society have created a stigma around it that makes women feel ashamed and make us think there’s something wrong with our bodies. Period blood is portrayed as a contaminable, disgusting, and dirty thing.

I am brokenhearted to hear every day so many stories of young menstruators getting their period without knowing about it. Some think they are bleeding– many people believe they have pooped.

Sorry, I’m just the messenger. However, I must note that King sat like a bobblehead, saying “Yes” with great emphasis at every chance she had. Okamoto continued:

Period blood can also be in the form of clots. People often tell us that they thought a part of their heart had come out. It can be scary if you do not know what is happening.

Ok, I’m not a woman (or a girl, or a woman, or any other stupid label), so I can’t comment on what Okamoto’s said so far. I will, however, point out that she has used the term “menstruators”, in place of women or girls, to make her point.

Okamoto stated that she founded August to be a “period positive, gender inclusive brand,” adding:

The back of the package says that we are here for anyone who menstruates. In this age of transphobia, it means a great deal to us that we are a brand that is gender inclusive.

Stop the tape

I have said this many times before and will continue to do so in the future, opposing a lifestyle or narrative or anything else based on ethical or moral reasons or any other reason is not fear.

The left uses “phobia” to describe their views — “Islamophobia,” “transphobia,” and so on. The left uses words to mock and dismiss those that oppose its various narratives and causes.

So, by the left’s illogical logic, maybe we should start labeling many of them as Christianphobic, Second-Amendmentphobic, or sufferers of free-speech phobia. Just a little thought.

Hold on, I nearly forgot something.

Please explain to me how leftists “embolden” women by refusing to call them female.

Oh, I forgot Supreme Court Associate Judge Ketanji Brown’s wise words on this issue. She said that those of us who don’t have a background in biology — including herself — are not qualified to define “woman.”