Kamala Harris’ Culture Word Salad Leaves Hosts Baffled at Essence Fest

Kamala Harris is infamous for her nonsensical word salads. She has turned this unintentional habit into an art over the years as Joe Biden’s second in charge.

Even the Daily Show’s Democrat apologists couldn’t ignore her penchant for uttering embarrassing and awkward “words” of wisdom at public speaking engagements. They posted a sort of “Veep Reboot” in October, which was so funny that no one could help but laugh.

Kamala’s latest word salad comes from an appearance at the Essence Festival of Culture, held in New Orleans towards the end of the month. In a lively exchange between Harris and moderators Monica Simpson (a lesbian reproductive rights advocate) and Sunny Hostin – a Kamala fan and co-host of the woke “View”, Harris described “culture” as only she could:

Simpson: Can you speak to us? We are here, at the epicenter of Black Culture this weekend. There are a lot of people in this room, especially Black women. How are you doing? There are many people in this room who want to act. They want to protect themselves. They want to channel and move their energy very intentionally.

What are your ideas on how we could do this? How important is culture to you in helping us achieve that?

Harris: I believe culture is — is a reflection on our moment, in our time. Right? The present culture is how we express our feelings about the present.

We should find ways to reflect on the joyous moments in our lives, as they come every morning. (Laughs.) We need to find ways of expressing our feelings about the present moment, both in terms of language and connection with how other people experience life. It’s how I see it, too.

Watch Harris’ incoherent remarks and note how Simpson feigned a laugh at one point as Harris spoke, and Hostin’s smile looked forced like she was thinking “Okay, but what is this woman saying?”

If anyone out there can translate that, please let us know because I sure can’t. The only thing that I sort of made out was Harris laughing nervously about finding joy “in the morning” – like I hope she’s not talking about what I think she was talking about, and let’s just leave it at that.

You have the answer. The Biden-Harris reelection campaign actually considers Kamala Harris to be crucial to their success. No, seriously. They actually believe that.