Gavin Newsom Says Something So Mind-numbingly Stupid, Only a Leftist Could Believe It

We are acutely aware of the fact that Leftists live in a world completely different from ours. In their world it is always the hottest time of the year, Klansmen drive around in gas-guzzling vehicles, killing unarmed black youth. Women are oppressed and superior, and men have children. We shouldn’t be surprised if one of them makes a statement that is clearly false. Sometimes, however, one of the Left’s luminaries will say something so stupid that I feel compelled call them out. Gavin Newsom, the California Governor and 2024 Democrat Presidential understudy is today’s honoree.

Newsom posted on social media a video that was shot while he was visiting Idaho at the weekend. He was apparently stumping for Biden, but was actually building his own base. The video shows Newsom in a bookshop, with a white overlay reading, “Visiting an Idaho bookstore that has banned books.”

Pause for a moment and consider this.

If something is prohibited, it’s removed. For example, a Republican President can be banned on social media platforms. It is no longer legal and can’t be obtained or found. Here is Nuisance the Governor, clowning in a shop full of books that are prominently displayed and labelled as banned. It’s a dark-red state. How can he do it?

As with many other words, the Left does not understand what “banned”, actually means. According to the Left, books are “banned”, if an adult is responsible enough to point out that they’re pornographic or inappropriate for minors.

“Book bans have reached a new record — over 1,200 challenges were filed in the past year …”, tweeted Gov. It’s tiresome to confuse “banned” and “challenged”.

The rest of this video is equally idiotic. The text is changed to “2022 will set a record …”” while the image shows The Color Purple, by Alice Walker, The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison and a Judy Blume book. Toni Morrison is a writer who has won more awards than I can list in this article. Walker and Blume’s books have been read by many generations and sold millions. They have also reached the pinnacle for writers, having their books made into major motion pictures. You know, they’re “banned”, or something.

Newsom’s video couldn’t be more patronizing or nonsensical, but progressives are going to eat it up.

This is the guy that they will probably slip in the race once Biden finally implodes, like a submersible experiment designed by 50-year-old men who aren’t boring.