Carson Thanks Trump For Helping Him After Positive Coronavirus Diagnosis:

    House and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson just gave Americans an update on his recent coronavirus diagnosis since testing positive earlier this month. He is among one of the many politicians who tested positive for the virus at the White House but has recovered rapidly.

    Ben Carson has served as the HUD Secretary since 2017 and was appointed to President Trump’s administration’s coronavirus task force for helping handle the pandemic. He has spent months focusing on getting the U.S comparable treatments and care to everyone.

    He first announced the positive diagnosis earlier this week on Facebook. He discussed feeling minor discomfort, accelerated symptoms, and then becoming desperately ill.

    A few days later, Carson said in a new interview that he saw dramatic improvements after taking oleandrin, extracted from the Nerium oleander plant, to treat the virus. This is an herbal supplement funded by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who served as President Trump’s Minnesota campaign chairman. It is not currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration nor a proven coronavirus treatment, but is in the stages of having the plant extracts tested and in clinical trials.

    Poison Control has noted that oleander extract can be extremely dangerous if not administered properly. Accidentally ingesting small amounts can kill a person in the wrong environment. However, medical experts during clinical trials have noted that symptoms diminish within hours of using the plant extract to fight COVID-19.

    “Anybody who has ever gotten COVID and taken it, they are fine in five hours, and the next day are running around playing floor hockey in the hallway,” Lindell said.

    Carson said his symptoms disappeared after taking oleandrin 4x. He saw an improvement in how he felt while battling COVID-19 and took the time to write a thank you message to President Trump and his team on Facebook.

    “President Trump, the fabulous White House medical team, and the phenomenal doctors at Walter Reed have been paying very close attention to my health and I do believe I am out of the woods at this point. I am hopeful that we can stop playing politics with medicine and instead combine our efforts and goodwill for the good of all people. While I am blessed to have the best medical care in the world (and I am convinced it saved my life), we must prioritize getting comparable treatments and care to everyone as soon as possible,” Carson wrote.

    Carson added that there are a number of promising treatments that need to be tested, approved, and distributed so that the economy can reopen and we can all return to a semblance of normalcy. He warned Americans against those who only serve to stoke fear.

    “Together we will be victorious. God is still in charge,” he wrote.