CNN’s Stelter Calls Election Investigations “Conspiracy Crap”

    CNN’s Brian Stelter is famous for saying terrible things on television. Now that Biden is headed towards the White House, we’ll see the liberal reporters who attacked President Trump every day on the news for 4 years go and occasionally throw a neutral or tough question at the Democrat. The media will probably praise them as “tough interviewers.”

    Stelter isn’t an interviewer or reporter: he’s an activist. In a recent tweet, Stelter called out President Trump and his voters who believed fraud occurred during the 2020 presidential elections in favor of Biden. In the last few weeks, we’ve seen countless claims of people dumping ballots, software glitches, cashing out ballots, and cheating the verification process. There’s no harm in calling out legitimate questions about the election unless someone has something to hide.

    “This “election was stolen” conspiracy crap is just like Trump’s “enemy of the people” smear – it is a slow-acting poison that is crippling the American body politic,” Stelter tweeted. He also attached a video clip talking about the accusations.

    Stelter cited that one of Fox’s biggest shows continues to spread “voter fraud lies” in order to keep America divided. CNN seems to forget their place back in 2016 when Hillary Clinton lost. The news network talked about contesting the 2016 election and abolishing the Electoral College entirely after President Trump won. They claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin directed operatives to meddle in the 2016 election without any evidence and aired the headlines all day long. Yet when Republicans question the integrity of an election that has documented voter fraud it is “conspiracy crap.”

    During the segment, Stelter presented a Monmouth Poll that showed 77% of Trump voters believe voter fraud was present during this election. There were other polls that included Democrats believing that as well. Stelter compared President Trump’s “enemy of the people smear” to election conspiracies. What Stelter didn’t realize is that he just admitted he was fake news. President Trump has noted in previous briefings that people spreading fake news were the “enemy of the people.” The face of fake news is CNN itself.

    Stelter hit another bump in the road recently. President-elect Joe Biden is looking to nominate Antony Blinken to serve as his secretary of state. Blinken had worked as the top foreign policy adviser during Biden’s 2020 campaign and was also CNN’s former global affairs analyst. However, Stelter did not mention that he used to be employed by the network when covering the story in another segment.

    “Note how @BrianStelter doesn’t mention Tony Blinken was a CNN global affairs analyst. After kvetching for years about a Trump-Fox revolving door, look for Stelter and fellow Zuckerville residents to see zero issue with their greenrooms going to the WH,” tweeted NewsBusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck.

    Stelter responded that he had “no idea” Blinken used to be his colleague, then referenced literally about the fact that CNN doesn’t use green rooms anymore. He didn’t seem to realize (or was dodging the original question) that Houck was speaking metaphorically about the CNN greenrooms.

    CNN journalists don’t report the news anymore. They lie, cover-up stories, and only follow what aligns with their liberal narrative. If the canceled culture is going after anyone, shouldn’t it be Stelter?