Canada’s Deputy PM Believes U.S. Middle Class Needs a Pay Cut

Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, has stated that the American middle class needs a pay cut.

She relates an anecdote about an anonymous person who gave her this idea. However, she expressly confirms that her prescription for a wealth downgrade for the middle class is the right policy position.

As we continue to slide down the slope toward multinational technocracy the rhetoric will shift in this direction.

If you recall, the “green” revolution, veganism, and other energy- and food restriction programs began with the promise of economic expansion following the introduction of new technology. All of this with a net benefit for the environment. This story is very appealing and was therefore well-received by many people. It is impossible to imagine a better, more peaceful world.

The social engineers began the process of shifting the goalposts slowly from economic expansion to forcible austerity, perhaps sensing that they have the greatest advantage in any conflict with insurgents.

This was never about raising living standards for anyone except a small group of elites. It was about lowering Western living standards until everyone in a digital fiefdom is landless.

As you may have noticed the project is moving along smoothly at the moment. If enough middle-class wealth is accumulated, it will be possible to challenge the power structure. It is strategically important to crush it permanently.