Another Wave of Joe Biden JOB Losses

Let me tell you about Fat. It’s the number one job for middle-class people. And it’s a three-letter word: Jobs. This was Joe Biden’s declaration for Barack Obama in 2008 when the economy was at its lowest.

Now, we are here. Joe Biden must believe that all of us have sons that funnel money through money laundering operations in Ukraine or China.

There are no Negative Nellies in this area. Jack believes the economy is strong and Jack dares anyone to disagree.

A group of union members escorted the Big Guy out of the White House. A group of union members escorted him out of the White House.

For his Happy Days Are Here Again, story, the past few weeks saw yet another round of layoffs within Big Tech. This is becoming a weekly event.

Joe, will anyone listen?

They are making cuts now to make sure they have enough cash to weather the worst economic storms. According to the Wall Street Journal, consumer prices are “plaguing” and the housing market is declining. Google is cutting 12,000 jobs or 6 percent of its workforce.

Google joins other tech-sector businesses that are cutting back on employees to prepare for Joe’s Economy to Blow.

IBM will lay off 2% of its workforce or 3,900 jobs.

German tech giant SAP announced major layoffs. It laid off 3,000 employees, which is 2.5% of its workforce.

Salesforce announced it would cut its workforce by 10% or 7,000 jobs.

Why didn’t everyone just come together to elect Joe Biden? Biden’s economy has more victims.

CampK12 was an Ed-tech startup that lost 70% of its staff.

GuardantHealth laid off employees in the Bay Area. 245 employees were also laid off by Innovaccer, which is a digital healthcare company. This represents 15% of Innovaccer’s workforce. It follows a September layoff that saw 90 employees go.

Clear Capital, a Reno-based property company, announced that 250 more layoffs were due to “seismic changes in the housing market.” Clear Capital blamed the “challenging market” for the 25 %.

Vacasa is a Portland-based vacation rental management company. It laid off 1,300 employees. 33 of these were on the West Coast.

Reddit has also been cutting back.

Even worse, Americans experienced the “second-worst decline in real disposable income ever,” which was the reason for the 1932 Great Depression.

I was amazed at the number of gardens that were being constructed in my neighborhood today, despite the freezing temperatures. People have been swapping chicken coops with each other in this area.

Joe Biden’s economy smells and looks like chicken sh*t.