Another Wave of Joe Biden J-O-B-S Losses

Let me tell you a little bit about Fat. It is the “number one” job for middle-class people and it’s a three letter word: Jobs. J-O-B-S! “Jobs!” This was the declaration of then-Vice President Joe Biden for his boss, Barack Obama back in 2008 when the economy was at its lowest point.

We are here, all these years later, and Joe Biden is millions more wealthy than ever, presiding over a disastrous economy that was made worse by his government’s overspending. He must believe that we all have sons who funnel us money from money laundering operations in Ukraine and China, or some other thing.

However, there are no Negative Nellies allowed in this area. Jack says that the economy is great and Jack dares you to say otherwise, unless you are willing to enter a pushup contest to settle it.

The Big Guy was escorted out of the White House by a group of union members. He was eager to show off the great economy he had built and how it has improved. He sat down, uttered a grumble about how he didn’t want the Republicans to wreck the economy that he and his party had done such an excellent job of destroying.

Unfortunately, for his Happy Days Are Here Again story, the past few days saw another round of layoffs in Big Tech and media sectors. As Silicon Valley’s zeros and ones are marched past La Cimbali’s latte machine, the chef’s menu boards, and down the slide, this is becoming a weekly occurrence.

Joe, will anyone hear?

They are cutting back now in order to have enough cash to weather the worst economic times. The Wall Street Journal reported that consumer price are “plateauing”, the housing market is falling, and Google is cutting 12,000 jobs or 6% of its workforce.

Google joins a host of tech-sector companies that are laying off employees to prepare for Joe’s Economy to Blow. They cover companies such as media, education, health care and real estate.

IBM will be laying off 2% of its workforce, or 3,900 jobs. Shutterfly is cutting back on employees. Spotify is laying off 6% of its employees, or approximately 600 employees. The reason Spotify is cutting back on its workforce is the lower spending of customers and advertisers. Vimeo laid off 11% more of its workforce last summer, on top of an earlier riff.

German tech giant SAP announced significant layoffs. It cut 3,000 jobs which is 2.5% of its workforce. Earlier this month, jobs were lost at Amazon and Microsoft in Seattle. Between the two companies, approximately 28,000 people lost jobs.

Salesforce announced that it would reduce its workforce by 10%, or 7,000 jobs.

Why didn’t everyone just join hands to get Joe Biden elected. Biden’s economy has more victims.

CampK12, an Ed-tech startup, lost 70% of its employees.

GuardantHealth in the Bay Area laid off employees. Innovaccer, a digital healthcare company, also laid off 245 employees. This is 15% of Innovaccer’s workforce. This follows a September layoff of 90 employees.

Clear Capital, a Reno-based real estate company, just announced the second round in 250 layoffs due to a “seismic change in the housing market.” Clear Capital blamed a “challenging marketplace” for having to lay off 25%.

Vacasa, a vacation rental management company based in Portland, laid off 1,300 employees, 33 of them in West Coast, Messed Coast(tm).

Reddit is also cutting back.