Bud Light’s Misrepresentation of Relationship with Dylan Mulvaney Raises Questions About Brand Integrity

Bud Light, an iconic beer, continues to suffer because of its partnership with Dylan Mulvaney – a “transgender influencer”. This saga culminated in a boycott that dropped Anheuser-Busch’s market capital by over $11 billion.

Mulvaney, a man claiming to be female, released a video of him in a hot tub with a Bud Light Can. Mulvaney’s face was on the can in celebration of what he called his “365 Days of Girlhood”. Then, there were a couple of videos which was clearly paid for product placement.

Bud Light has been banned from sporting events and bars. Grocery stores have discounted the beer at 100% to get it off shelves.

Anheuser Busch was furious. The company stood by the campaign. In an attempt to win back blue-collar clients (who don’t like transgenderism), the CEO issued a semi-apology. Anheuser Busch claimed that the relationship between Mulvaney and the company was informal.

In the letter, it says: “This is a single can we gave to an influencer on social media. The letter says that the can wasn’t intended to be sold or produced for the public.

We now know that this wasn’t true. Steven Crowder’s investigative team discovered a financial document that shows Bud Light paid Mulvaney $185,000 to formalize the relationship.

This series of events is bizarre. A beer brand paid $185,000 for a man who believes he’s a woman. Bud Light posted videos of a man in a tub showing off his customized can and pretending to not know what March Madness is.

It’s amazing that something so absurd could have been approved. We are not aware of anyone in the decision-making roles standing up and saying, “This is a waste of resources.”

As I said in my first article in April, these corporations hate you and your values. Bud Light was a particular case because they didn’t care that their beliefs were supported by objective truth.