NYC’s Illegal Immigrant Crisis Strains City Resources, Forcing Budget Cuts

As if New York City didn’t have enough problems, Mayor Eric Adams announced a budget Thursday that would require a hiring freeze at the NYPD and deep cuts in education and sanitation. The cuts come because the so-called sanctuary city has had to pay billions to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants due to President Biden’s disastrous handling of the southern border.

What could go wrong?

Bill Melugin, Fox News, tweets his full message:

BREAKING NEWS: NYT reports that NYC Mayor Eric Adams announced that the city would have to cut budgets to reduce NYPD officers below 30,000 and slash the Education Department by one billion dollars, among other cuts. He says that more cuts are likely to be needed if the city does not receive more federal funding for migrant arrivals.

Adams is a vocal critic of Biden’s porous border. Many wonder if the recent FBI encounters Adams had with the FBI were a way for Joe and his weaponized Department of Justice to pay back. Agents stopped Adams on the street on November 10 and demanded that he hand over his iPad and cell phone. They raided his fundraiser’s house in early November. The feds are investigating whether he conspired with the Turkish Government to funnel illegal donations to his campaign.

The city has lost billions of dollars due to the influx of illegal immigrants.

Mayor Eric Adams has announced a budget of $110.5 billion. He said that cuts were needed across all agencies, as the city had spent $1.45 Billion in fiscal 2023 for the migrant crises and is expected to spend nearly $11 Billion in 2024-2025.

Adams stated in a press release that “we have been warning New Yorkers for months about the difficult fiscal situation facing our city.” “To balance budgets as required by law, each city agency delved into its own budget to find savings with minimal disruption of services.

NYPD will freeze its hiring, bringing the number of officers down from 33,000 by the end fiscal year 2025. There will be also steep cuts to education, such as the universal prekindergarten program and sanitation.

Adams criticized Washington, D.C. once more, saying, “We need Washington, D.C. to provide us with the timely and significant support that we require.”

Patrick Hendry, the president of the Police Union, said that life in New York would become even more dangerous as a consequence.

This is a real disaster for any New Yorker who cares about the safety of their streets.

These cuts will reduce the number of cops to levels not seen since the 1980s and 1990s crime epidemic.

We can’t go back. Every level of government must work together to protect the 30 years of progress made in New York City for public safety and to support police officers.

The New York Post editorial staff criticized the move.

It would not bring about the savings promised: overtime would be astronomical, as any crisis would require calling in police from a smaller base.

As Adams said when he ran for mayor: “Public safety is the prerequisite to prosperity.”

A more dangerous city will also be less prosperous — Adams gives every business another excuse to leave or close and new businesses a reason to move elsewhere. Property values will also drop: this will decimate the tax base.

What does the mayor think — that cutting the NYPD will make it easier to be elected?

In recent years, New York has been hit hard by COVID. It’s also had to deal with rising crime, homelessness, and illegal immigration. It’s going to get worse.

Thanks, Joe. How’s the sanctuary city working out for the Mayor?