Keith Olbermann Rails Against Elon Musk, Branding Him a ‘White Supremacist’ and ‘Nazi’

When last we left the very unhinged Keith Olbermann, he was being schooled by New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers after Olbermann mocked Rodgers and his season-ending (maybe) injury and blamed it on Rodgers not getting the clot shot. To which Rodgers responded, “Get your fifth booster, Keith.”

Advantage: Rodgers.

Olbermann, who is always angry, is now adamantly against Elon Musk. He then took to X/Twitter, releasing a clip comparing Musk to Donald Trump. It wouldn’t have been an Olbermann rant if he didn’t mention Trump! He compared the social media platform to Nazis and called on the federal government for a ban.

Please note that the Very Serious Person sunglasses were worn to create this video. Olbermann’s best Joseph Goebbels impersonation is a red-faced, angry man with snarling, spit-flying, and teeth clenched.


It’s time for the United States government to ban X. This social media website is still primarily known as Twitter. Yes, I understand the irony. You can scan this QR code to get to Friday’s edition of The Countdown Podcast. With his amplification and doubling down of his antisemitism, white supremacy, and hate speech, Elon is standing on a tinderbox full of racial, religious, and intolerance, as well as the targeting of “the Other” that has not been seen in history.

The peace and security of the United States is literally at stake. The president, the congress, the state — or all of them acting together — must ban Twitter/X and must sever all contracts and contacts with all of Elon Musk’s other companies. SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company, Neuralink and xAI. Elon Musk has gone down a path of hate and potential violence from which he cannot backtrack. Either he goes or Twitter/X must.

It’s an awful lot of nonsense to wade through.

Olbermann’s reaction to this interaction between Musk and X/Twitter is a bit off. Musk replied to a post that said, “Jewish Communities have been pushing exactly the same dialectical hatred towards whites they want people to stop using them against them.” Musk was criticized for the exchange, and many called him an antisemite.

Keith Olbermann is aware that Musk has gone too far. But, lacking self-awareness he believes that the best thing to do to deal with Musk’s freedom of speech is to suppress it. Even better, remove the platform and suppress the millions of users’ free speech. Olbermann’s pants are rolled up.

Goebbels would be pleased with Keith Olbermann’s deranged rant. He not only got in the “Nazis” and “white supremacists” slanders, but he also concluded that the only way to deal with this issue is to either take the private company from its owner or to have a cabal of government entities come in and destroy the company.

You are right if you think Keith Olbermann here is acting like a Nazi. This is a herculean failure of logic and facts that should earn him an Iron Cross.

What does Trump have to say about this? Olbermann, a devoutly Democrat propaganda expert, would never miss the opportunity to put “Nazism” and “Trump”, in the same sentence. The damage is beyond repair.

Despite the best efforts of the left to ban the right, they are also upset that X/Twitter remains a place for conservatives to gather and express themselves. Elon Musk, then, is a Trump-like enemy who must be dealt with quickly and permanently. Musk is no doubt a giant, but Keith Olbermann has a worn-out, old persona that’s well past his sell-by date.

Olbmermann, instead of acting like Nazis by banning free speech platforms, should first read the room. He will then realize that his fake-rage act is tiresome and yell “I’m outta there!” loudly. Rant, and leave Elon Musk’s cursed social platform with the anger of a child who did not get candy for dinner. Of course, it’ll never be possible, because Keith Olbermann is more important to Twitter than Twitter is to Keith Olbermann.