Bling Bishop Accused of Falsifying Bank Records to Buy $1.3 Million Mansion

According to reports, a controversial preacher from Brooklyn known as “the bling bishop” is in trouble with the law. Again.

Federal prosecutors have filed yet another indictment against Lamor whitehead, the 44-year-old bishop of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in Brooklyn’s Canarsie neighborhood. Whitehead is accused of falsifying bank records in order to obtain a mortgage, which he used to buy a New Jersey home that was currently worth $2.8 million.

According to the indictment Whitehead “fabricated bank documents” for his company Anointing Management Services LLC. He claimed that AMS had almost $2 million in assets from October 2018 to February 2019. However, the average balance at the end of that period was less than ten dollars. Whitehead created a bank account that did not exist in at least one instance according to the indictment.

Whitehead allegedly then used the forged bank records in order to obtain a loan of $1.3 million to buy his 6,200-square-foot Paramus, New Jersey home. Whitehead also used the documents to apply for a $250,000 loan from a business lender, but that application was rejected.

Whitehead was allegedly accused of conning a retired parishioner to get $90,000. He also allegedly tried to extort a businessman. He was charged with two counts each of wire fraud, extortion, and making materially false statements about the FBI. Whitehead was now charged with wire fraud and could face additional fraud charges.

Whitehead and his wife were also robbed of $400,000 in jewelry by three armed men last summer. Two of the suspects were later detained and pleaded not guilty.

Whitehead is known for wearing flashy attire and jewelry, as well as driving expensive cars. Whitehead preaches the “prosperity gospel”, and encourages his congregation to give to his church to sow seeds.

He was also convicted of a financial-related crime and served seven years. According to the New York Post, Whitehead was convicted in 2006 of identity theft. He had stolen someone’s name and used that money to purchase cars and motorcycles. Whitehead was originally sentenced to 30 years but was released after he displayed good behavior.