Biden’s Fentanyl Blunder Before Rushing Off On Vacation

Joe Biden had only one event scheduled on Tuesday — to discuss the “progress” his administration was making in regard to dealing with the massive fentanyl problem.

Biden’s failure to secure the border is part of the problem with fentanyl. He didn’t understand China’s role in the fentanyl issue, either. In exchange for Xi’s promise that they would track the flow of chemicals to make fentanyl more effectively, he lifted sanctions on a blacklisted forensics laboratory. Rep. Wesley Hunt, R-TX, said that it was like “thanking an arsonist.”

Biden made yet another gaffe, which the White House was forced to correct. In his remarks, Biden said that he wanted Congress to designate the drug as a “Schedule I drug.” This would prevent it from being used for legitimate medical purposes.

Fentanyl has been classified as a Schedule II Drug, which means that it can be prescribed to treat legitimate medical conditions.

Officials from the Biden administration clarified that they were not calling for a ban on fentanyl but rather for Congress to permanently make an emergency action taken in 2018 that classified fentanyl and its related substances as Schedule I drugs.

The Post was told by administration officials that President Obama did not misunderstand when he asked Congress to designate fentanyl as a Schedule I substance. He had in mind illicit street fentanyl which could or might not contain fentanyl related substances.

Kelly Scully, White House spokesperson, said: “This is what he meant to say.” The event today is about illicit fentanyl, not medical fentanyl.

Fentanyl and its related substances are slightly different in chemical composition from fentanyl, which has allowed drug traffickers to avoid prosecution.

He read directly from his notes, but still couldn’t get it right. Still, he couldn’t do it. We’re not impressed.

Biden left his fentanyl-related event and boarded a plane bound for Nantucket for more vacation days. David Rubenstein, a billionaire private equity tycoon, is hosting him again. He preaches to the world about billionaires but then tries his best to spend time at their estates during his holidays.

Biden seems so old climbing the stairs to the plane. Jill has no trouble going up and leaves him behind.

The vacation schedule is almost empty. Why would anyone want to hire you if you only dial in your job and spend 40 percent of your vacation time on vacation?