Marvel Insanity: A Gender Swap for Silver Surfer for ‘Fantastic Four’ Film

Marvel Studios is coming off a massive box office failure with its latest release, “The Marvels,” a female-led effort that has cinched the record for the biggest second-weekend box office drop in history. One would think the studio would take a moment to reflect on its current strategy of trying to make the MCU into the M-She-U and why it’s not working out so well. The Disney-owned studio has been pushing a lot of wokeness in recent projects, including television shows streaming on Disney +, none of which have been a true success.

Many people believe that superhero movie fatigue is the cause of the poor response to Marvel’s newest material. This could play a role in the lack of interest from viewers. There are so many films coming out, that you need to watch to keep track of the interconnectedness.

The lion’s part of Marvel Studios’ failure is due to the fact that it tries to force a feminist agenda on its audience. This doesn’t work, because the audience’s core is male. The male comic book fan doesn’t want to see project after project featuring female characters. A few here and there are fine, but not a constant barrage.

These movies aren’t attracting women because of the girl power hype. After all, superheroes are inherently masculine. You’d think that the studio would want to try something different and drop the feminist campaign.

If the rumors are to be believed, Marvel Studios may gender-swap the Silver Surfer in its upcoming reboot Fantastic Four franchise. It is a big departure from the source material since the Silver Surfer was always portrayed as a male character in comics. But who cares if it’s true to the original creators’ vision? The people want a wokeness! This is what studio executives with delusions seem to believe.

Remember that this is only a rumor. Marvel Studios is known for its creative choices. The rumor first came to light on November 9th, when entertainment journalist Jeff Sneider brought it up during an episode of the podcast “The Hot Mic”.

Sneider informed co-host John Rocha of his sources, who told him that comic book villain Galactus would be in the film. One of his four heralds is a female, and the Silver Surfer would be that woman.

In a post from Nov. 15, he reiterated this on his blog, The InSneider. He told his readers: “And yes, I did mention it on the Hot Mic podcast last week.”

It is always possible that this is just a rumor and that Marvel writers will focus once again on creating great stories and great characters, instead of pushing a progressive wokeness that has become stale and unimaginative.