Biden’s Border Commissioner Called Unengaged by White House Colleagues

Joe Biden’s government did nothing to stop illegal aliens from crossing the southern border. This is why the man responsible for border security can explain.

Politico reports that Chris Magnus’ CBP colleagues (Customs and Border Protection), see him as disengaged from their jobs and claim he falls asleep during department meetings. He hasn’t established relationships with CBP or other agencies to deal with the influx of migrants at the border. ”

Magnus is doing what? Magnus should do something productive if he’s not trying to protect the border.

If you’re one of his followers, he is a left-wing loon. He says he is focused on reforming Border Patrol’s culture. This addresses the long list of accusations about violence and racism. He worries about violence and racism while 2 million people cross the border.

Some officials feel Magnus didn’t prioritize addressing the large numbers of migrants crossing the border, but instead tried to shift blame to other agencies. While CBP is responsible for securing the U.S. frontier at and between ports of entry, ICE is responsible for detaining and incarcerating undocumented individuals within U.S. borders.

Magnus sought an emergency meeting with Mayorkas and other top DHS officials. He had earlier traveled to the border to meet his Border Patrol colleagues. According to one official familiar with the meeting, Magnus also mentioned complaints about ICE he had gathered at tour stops at the rank-and-file Border Patrol officers.

Politico was told by another administration official that he wasn’t participating in the game. Magnus will raise a sidebar topic and everyone will be like, “What the f**k?”

Magnus was Tucson’s former police chief. Magnus was only narrowly confirmed in the Senate due to strong GOP opposition. Magnus once sang glowing praises about sanctuary cities.

Magnus might be the subject of some self-serving carping by White House staffers. Magnus doesn’t seem like someone who could make an immediate impact.

He stated that he spent 10 months learning about CBP’s “many complex areas”. He noted that CBP was an operational agency, not a policy-making one. He also supported the way he approached the job.

Magnus is the perfect choice for incompetent pencil pushers who are responsible for our southern perimeter security. Biden isn’t concerned about border security.