Conservatives Go Crazy for GOP Congressman’s Call to Break Up the FBI

It’s crucial to get to know your audience if you plan to publish an undercover video in the hopes of it going viral.

After Monday’s massive Twitter failure, Scott Dworkin, Democrat Bigshot, might find this a valuable lesson.

Dworkin “You can’t spell Dworkin without ‘Dork! ” A breathlessly released video of Rep. Dave Schweikert (R. Arizona) “talking” about the FBI being broken up and the imposition of members of the Biden Administration, if the GOP wins the House.

Here’s the video:

Even conservatives who obey the law to drive the speed limit ask themselves: “Is it possible I can vote twice for Schweikert?”

A Republican congressman is “caught” trying to disband the lawless, partisan FBI and impeach members of the dangerous Biden Administration…

It’s almost like being back at college and getting “caught up” with your best friend and the head cheerleader.

Is there a faster or better way to improve your campus reputation? You won’t get a better reputation for your campus with a 4.0 GPA.

(I made it more crudely on Twitter last evening, but it was a lot easier to publish in this more family-friendly publication. You’re welcome.)

Dworkin’s big scoop isn’t getting any traction from the Complicit Media. This may be because they don’t want to play Schweikert’s role as either her head cheerleader or her best friend.

The video appears to have been taken by The Undercurrent, which is a low-rent lefty ripoff from Project Veritas. Dworkin would love to send it back, I think.

The Schweikert undercover video is currently viewed 223 times on YouTube as of the writing of this article.

Here’s a quick summary of reactions Dworkin did not count on:


It’s the season to give, all of sudden.

Do you like him? He was someone I had never heard of before Monday. Now I want to drive down to Arizona to ring the doorbells for his campaign.

Indeed. These were just a few of the responses, with some very detailed ones.

Although I don’t remember the days when lefties tried to destroy the FBI, the Bureau has done a 180 and is now going after conservatives rather than filthy hippies.

They should leave everyone alone, except criminals. They have apparently abandoned their true mission for at least 50 to 60 years, so I suggest we launch and destroy the J Edgar building.

This is the only way to be certain.