Biden Blasted For Lying, Gaslight Speech Blaming Inflation On Pandemic & Putin

Twitter conservatives weren’t buying President Joe Biden’s recent speech in which he criticized the pandemic and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, as the main causes of the United States’ economic woes.

Biden spoke to the American public about the economic state around noon Tuesday. Biden stated that his administration had made “extraordinary progress with the economy” and blamed all economic hardships on COVID-19, Russia.

Biden stated, “I want us all to be clear about the problem.” There are two main causes of inflation that we see today. A once-in-a century pandemic is the first reason for inflation. It not only shut down the global economy but also threw supply chains and demand out of balance.

The other reason was then explained by him. “This year, we have a second reason: Mr. Putin’s war on Ukraine.” He said, “We observed in March that 60% inflation was caused by price increases at gasoline pumps.”

Biden responded to reporters’ questions about whether they would accept any responsibility for inflation. He stated that “I think our policy help, not hurt.”

Outraged by the Biden narrative, which blamed inflation on external forces, conservatives took to Twitter and mocked the words of the president.

“This is what Joe Biden’s policies have done prices in just one area of the economy,” tweeted Spencer Brown, editor. Also included was an infographic showing the average national gas prices.

Guy Benson, Fox News contributor, tweeted: “This speech seems listless and somewhat lost.” These are predictable talking points that are filled with the same specious claims.

Shortly before the speech, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) shared a Reuters article claiming Biden would blast Republicans for not having a plan to stop inflation. He captioned the article with his own opinion about how Biden is hurting the economy.

Kyle Becker, a writer, criticized the entire Biden address. He tweeted, “Biden lies about his’solutions for inflation’ and the nonexistent Republican plan to a middle-class tax hike. This gaslighting will not work because the policies won’t work.”

“Joe Biden will take responsibility for inflation,” tweeted MRCTV.

Washington Free Beacon reporter Joe Gabriel Simonson ridiculed Biden’s inflation solution. He tweeted, “I am enjoying Biden acknowledging higher taxes –which sucks money from the economy — could theoretically ease inflation. I am excited to see where his thoughts take him.

Charlie Spiering, a Breitbart White House correspondent, tweeted the following: “I want every American know that I take it seriously,” Joe Biden said about inflation, before blaming Putin and the pandemic for all the problems.