DOJ Missing in Action as Leftists March to Justice Alito’s Home

Protesters representing the radical leftist group Shut Down DC, decided to march last night to Justice Samuel Alito’s Virginia home. While it is unclear if Alito or his family were home, there was a very visible police presence in front of the home as well as behind the gate in the backyard of the home. The police presence included the state police.

They claimed Alito’s draft opinion to SCOTUS might make contraception and interracial marriage impossible.

But, the “vigil” didn’t last very long. They left after twenty minutes.

Warning Graphic Language:

Julio Rosas, Townhall’s reporter, reported that approximately 50 people showed up.

Many protested that the DOJ allowed it considering that federal law against judges was being challenged to alter their decision. Fox contacted the DOJ to clarify and has not yet been issued an arrest warrant.

McCarthy claimed McCarthy was trying to promote their political interests by portraying the Supreme Court’s draft opinion in extreme terms. This is directly against their constitutional duty to enforce the laws faithfully and protect the Courts, justices, and parents. Garland claimed that the Justice Department had a vested interest in protecting teachers and school administrators. McCarthy claimed that this was false.

McCarthy stated that McCarthy thinks it’s unacceptable for the Justice Department to be so passive after it was active in a manufactured controversy over, which it doesn’t have jurisdiction.

So far, the White House has not condemned protests outside justice houses or called for them to cease. Joe Biden must approve and sign into law a bipartisan bill to improve security for Supreme Court justices

What does this all mean? “There is a federal statute against intimidating justices. Pay attention to it and speak another way.” This is an indication of how deeply the Biden team values democracy and norms, even though the narrative doesn’t support it.